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Baseball is hailed among the most popular sports in the North America today. Every MLB season is an experience full of highs and lows unlike any other. Millions of fans all over the continent buy baseball tickets to go and support their respective teams live. The latest campaign promises to be super exciting that will showcase all that the fans have come to love about the sport.

The Beginning

Baseball had been around since 1790's but it really started to capture people’s imagination in the middle of 1800's. The formation of the National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP) in the year 1857 proved an important step in this regard. It was an amateur organization but it didn't take too long for the sport to drift towards professionalism. The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first ever professional baseball team at the time of their inception in 1869. That development was followed by the arrival of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (NAPBBP) in 1871 as baseball's first ever professional league that later paved way for Major League Baseball (MLB).

The National League and the American League

The league remained a part of baseball's landscape for five years before its place was taken up by the National League in 1876. The American League then stepped up to the plate in the year 1901. The two leagues went toe to toe for the next two years before management on both sides decided to sit together in 1903. It was agreed upon that from that point onwards the winners of both leagues will square-off in an annual World Series game to determine the best team around. The new format gave Major League Baseball a new identity and acted as a catalyst to bring the sport under the spotlight. With a more professional structure in place, baseball began to turn heads and became one of the most watched sports in North America. History was then made in 2000. That year AL and NL decided to began operating under the MLB banner and not as two separate entities. It was a monumental occasion that has brought more stability to proceedings and pushed the sport's popularity even further than ever before.


The NCAA Division I baseball season is equally epic. Two-hundred and ninety-eight games are played during the course of a season on collegiate level. Teams from all over the country compete to get their hands on the biggest prize that the sport has to offer at that level.  Much like Major League Baseball, the sport on college level started to gain momentum for the first time during 1850's. It took off after that and has since gone on to solidify its status as a stage where some of the most gifted young players in the country make showcase their skills for the world to see. The biggest NCAA Division I game is called the College World Series but teams need to go through first a grueling regular season and then compete in the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship to earn the right to headline the showpiece event. The close of the regular campaign sees sixty four of the best sides in the business qualify for the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. The tournament made its debut way back in 1947 and has gradually evolved on the course of subsequent years to become what it is today.

The Live Experience

Baseball is as big a sports phenomenon as there is right now. It provides fans with incredible highs and lows at every level, ever year. The sport has witnessed incredible growth which is highlighted by the mass media coverage it generates every time a season kicks off. The latest campaign will not be any different so get prepare for a ride full of more twists and turns than any rollercoaster can provide.


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