St Louis Cardinals Tickets

St. Louis Cardinals have reached the 100-game mark and this brings them to the start of one of the hottest stages in the team's history. Cardinals have 62 wins, a record in baseball. However, this was not without hardships but it's the team perseverance which got it through. The team has more reasons to perform better this season because of the second wild card and they will! Cardinals already lead against their NL Central opponents and building on the numbers will bring them another division title soon. With all that, Cardinals games this season will be irresistible for every fan. 

Team name:

St. Louis Cardinals

Team colors:

Red, navy and white

Team Rivals:

Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Royals

Previously known as the Browns, St. Louis Cardinals are a team of MLB and plays in the Central Division of National League. The name Cardinals was adopted in 1900 after the team's joining of the NL in 1892. The team is one of the most successful in all of MLB's history and is also one of the most celebrated one.

Achievements and Records

Cardinals' all time winning record comprises of a whopping 11 World Series Titles, 18 National League pennants, and 10 amazing Division Titles. The team's World Series winning record is the second best in the league; behind New York Yankees with their 27 wins. The team also did well while it was a part of the American Association. They won four championships and also a World Series Title where they beat Chicago Cubs. Cardinals have a history of some really famous events that add up to their overall achievement as a team. For example, the farm system introduced by Branch Rickey, the wonderful record of Stan Musial, 1.12 ERA season of Bob Gibson, the homerun chase of Mark McGwire, the famous Whiteyball of Whitey Herzog and the surprises that the team brought with their 2011 comeback.  The team has a record of winning 105 games four times in their history and eight times they have won 100 or more.

The Best of Cardinals

Lou Brock, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson, Whitey Herzog, Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst, Enos Slaughter, Ozzie Smith, Billy Southworth, Bruce Sutter are some of the notable Cardinals who performed exceptionally well in their respective periods and got inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Lou Brock, Dan Dierdof, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, Albert Pujols, Jackie Smith and Ozzie Smith are some of the best players for not only Cardinals but in entire St. Louis. Cardinals' players like these have won 20 MVP awards and 3 Cy Young Award.

Cardinals' Ballpark

Busch Stadium is the home stadium of St. Louis Cardinals which opened to public in 2006 with a seating capacity of 46,861. This ballpark proved lucky for the team as the inaugural season landed in a World Series win. This open-air ballpark has a retro-style built and presents a spectacular view of the city's skyline from its stands. The stadium has seen the second largest attendance of any sport in the 2011 World Series. Cardinals use Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida as the venue for spring training. They share it with Miami Marlins.

The Cardinals Experience

The experience of watching a game of St. Louis Cardinals live can never come close to watching it from the couch on a disappointing television screen. There is a reason why they have a record of highest attendance in the league despite having a smaller market as compared to other big teams. The team shares a historic rivalry with Chicago Cubs and the games between these two are bench-gripping, hard-hitting and extremely thrilling. And though there are a lot of sports events and games out there but the demand that St. Louis Cardinals tickets enjoy is extraordinary.


Know More about the Cardinals

  1. Fredbird, an anthropomorphic cardinal, is the team mascot who is accompanied by Team Fredbird, a group of cheerleaders who entertain fans at the game.
  2. Fan base of the team has a special name, Cardinal Nation, also popularly known as Redbird Nation.
  3.  Starting from 2004, Cardinals attendance has exceeded three million and the figures keep on increasing every year.
  4. Cardinals are one of the most valuable franchises of MLB according to the recent study of Forbes.
  5. 53,000 spectators are the largest ever attendance Busch Stadium has seen. It was the U2 concert in 2011 from his 360° Tour.