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Portland Trail Blazers didn’t have the best 2012-2013 season, everyone knows that. Things went sour for most part of the campaign because of some unfortunate factors. The bench strength or the lack of it contributed a lot towards that. The management went to work during the offseason to do something about it. New faces like Robin Lopez, Earl Watson, Thomas Robinson, Mo Williams and Dorell Wright have been signed to not only provide strength in numbers but also add quality to the playing roster. Now that they have found renewed strengths, the time has come for Trail Blazers to get back on the track. The team has a lot of potential and a strong fan support. All these fans look forward to the team’s performance this season and some things say they won’t be disappointed.


Portland Trail Blazers

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Portland Trail Blazers have been on a downward spiral for the last few seasons, especially the two most recent ones. A number of factors have combined to contribute towards those underwhelming performances. A lot of work is being done to ensure the team gets back on the right track soon. The Trail Blazers fans deserve a lot of credit for showing loyalty to their team during these tough times. They bought Portland Trail Blazers tickets in thousands which resulted in the team becoming the fourth best supported NBA side season. That is the kind of support required for the latest campaign as well, as the team starts its journey back to the top once again.

The Beginning

Portland Trail Blazers were incepted in the year 1970 but the seeds for their creation were planted sixteen years earlier. Memorial Coliseum, the team’s first home, opened its doors for the first time in 1954 and that is when Harry Glickman decided to give the city its own NBA team. He contacted the league but was refused. Glickman however didn’t let go and his efforts paid off in 1970 when NBA finally awarded Portland its own professional basketball team.

Play Starts

Portland Trail Blazers had a disappointing first six seasons with none of them resulting in any playoff appearances. Changes were then made across the board to make the team competitive which paid off in spectacular fashion. Trail Blazers posted their first ever winning season. They won the conference in 1977 and then went all the way to lifting the NBA Championship at the end of that campaign. It was an astonishing change in fortunes for a team that had been underperforming prior to that. Next year saw them clinch the first of their four division titles.

Drought, 1990’s and 2000’s

Trail Blazers were on a roll for most of 1977 and 1978 but they couldn’t capitalize on that form for much longer. They went on to make it to the playoffs ten times in the next eleven years but never managed to win any championships during that period. All that changed as soon as 1990’s rolled in. Trail Blazers went on to lift the conference title in 1990 and followed that triumph up with a division crown next year. 1992 turned out to be even more historic. That year Portland Trail Blazers went on to do the division and conference double at the end of the season. They went on to win the last of their division titles in 1999 to cap off an impressive decade. Trail Blazers have made it to the playoffs on seven occasions since the turn of the new millennium. They have also posted nine winning seasons along the way but unfortunately no title has been forthcoming. The last two campaigns have seen them put losing records on board which has now triggered an era of change. Everyone associated with the team will be hoping the moves pay off. All that uncertainty will make the new seasons very interesting, that much is guaranteed.


Did You Know?

  • Eight hundred and fourteen straight Trail Blazers home games were sold-out between 1977 and 1995.
  • The sell-out is an American professional sports record.
  • Trail Blazers have made it to the postseason on twenty nine occasions.
  • Jim Barnett has the distinction of scoring the first ever point for the Trail Blazers.
  • Portland stumped up 3.7 million dollars to get an NBA franchise.