Seattle Mariners Tickets

The Seattle Mariners were on a roll. Their current form is a contrast to what was happening in the past. The Mariners were going nowhere but suddenly everything fell into place and they began to play like true contenders. Will they be able to maintain this form long enough to make the playoffs? That is a question which will be answered in time but right now their fans are buying Seattle Mariners tickets because their beloved team are finally beginning to show their true potential. It promises to be another fascinating dash towards the finish line, one that can't be missed out on.

Name: Seattle Mariners

First Division Title: 1995

Mascot: Mariner Moose

The Inception
Seattle as a city had been a constant part of the minor Pacific Coast League. William Daley, owner of the Cleveland Indians decided to re-locate the team to Seattle in the year 1965. That move didn't materialize. Two years later Daley, now a former owner of the Indians formed a group to get an expansion team. The efforts were rewarded and Seattle Pilots were formed. The team however didn't last more than a year before it was bought by new owners and moved to Milwaukee to become Milwaukee Brewers.
The move didn't go down too well by Washington, the city of Seattle and King County who sued American League for breaking the contract. The court case began in 1970 and went on for the next six years before AL proposed to award Seattle a new team in favor of an out of court settlement. That is how the Seattle Mariners were incepted.
The Play Begins
The Seattle Mariners took to the field for the first time in the history on 6th April, 1977. Fifty seven thousand seven hundred and sixty two fans packed the Kingdome to capacity to watch their team play for the first time. Mariners took a little while to get going and it was in 1995 that they clinched their first major title when they won the division championship.
The Mariners – Then and Now
The 1995 triumph was followed by another division title in the year 1997 and one more in 2001. It has made for pretty grim reading since then for every Mariners fans out there. Things however are beginning to look up again and the team looks to be peaking at just the right time.
From the recent games, it seems like the Mariners have gain some momentum. Seems like luck on their side so all that is left to see is where they go from here. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, Seattle Seahawks, their NFL counterparts aren't going to be the ones hogging all the limelight this year. Mariners will definitely give them some tough competition. What do you think?

Did You Know?

  • The Seattle Mariners posted a record of 116-46 during the 2001 campaign. It was the best winning percentage in the American League that season.
  • For their 2001 historic season they the Seattle Mariners became the first every recepients of the Historic Achievement Award.
  • Randy Johnson became the first Seattle Mariners in history to throw a no-hitter. He achieved that feat on 2nd June, 1990.
  • Alvin Davis was the first ever Seattle Mariners player to get his hands on the coveted Rookie of the Year award.
  • Nintendo of America owns the Seattle Mariners.