New York Yankees Tickets

By being overly forceful on the first two pitches, Lyle Overbay helped the New York Yankees defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0 Wednesday, July 31, 2013. Overbay got two outs in the ninth inning and this was something he had aspired for. On top of this, The Yankees also received two extra runs due to an error committed by Dodgers' second baseman, Mark Ellis.


Team Name:

New York Yankees

Team Colors:

Navy blue, gray, white

Major titles:

27 World Series Championships

40 AL Pennants

18 East Division titles

The New York Yankees is a professional baseball franchise that is a member of the Major League Baseball and plays for the East Division of the American League. Formerly based in Baltimore, Maryland, the team was named as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901. After moving to the New York City in 1903, the team took the title of New York Highlanders until it became to be known as the New York Yankees in 1913.


The baseball team plays its home games at the Yankee Stadium located in the south Bronx, New York City. Between 1923 and 2008, the team played its games at the old Yankee Stadium until a new ballpark was formed northeast of the former home game site. The new arena opened its doors to public at the beginning of the 2009 MLB season. The Yankees played and won their first pre-season game against the Chicago Cubs at the new stadium in April 2009. The new stadium is a shrine to the greatest sports franchise of all time. It keeps the history of the team alive by integrating the design elements of the old venue. Incurring a construction cost of over one and a half billion dollars, it is the second most expensive stadium ever constructed after the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Major Achievements:

By attaining triumphant success since the 1920s, Yankees have turned out to be the most popular baseball team in the world. The talented team has won twenty seven World Series Championships since its inception in 1901. The team owns a distinction of winning the greatest number of championships compared to all other professional sports teams. The Yankees have won eighteen Division Titles and forty American League pennants. Other than that, the team has got eleven Yankees managers and forty four baseball players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Some of these notable players include Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. The Yankees have battled against every winning team under the banner of National League except the Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros.

The Yanks Experience: 

Nothing makes New Yorkers more cheerful than the Yankees playing in their backyard. If you follow MLB, you would know that the team puts on an excellent display of sportsmanship. It is absolutely nice to see old warhorses like Jeter and Rivera contributing as much as the new highly paid players. The team has a reputation of winning many baseball games but even if it loses, you will still have a lovely time at the stadium with your friends and family. Anywhere and everywhere you sit, you have a great view of the game hence people anxiously rush for New York Yankees tickets. While there is nothing like the game itself, but you can also head to the Yankees Museum at the end of the game and get acquainted with the history of your favorite baseball club.

Do you know?

  1. The New York Yankees have won twenty seven World Series Championships since the team's inception in 1901.
  2. They enjoy the privilege of winning the greatest number of championships compared to all other professional sports teams.
  3. They have got eighteen division titles and forty American League pennants to their credit.
  4. The team has got forty four baseball players and eleven Yankees managers inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  5. The Yankees' heated battle against the Boston Red Sox is one of the most anticipated baseball rivalries in sports.