Oklahoma Sooners Tickets

The Oklahoma Sooners went on to win an impressive seven titles last season. Not only that, but they also went as high as the seventh spot in the annual Director’s Cup. The success is a continuation of an illustrious history that has put the Sooners in the top bracket of athletics program in the country today. They have been right up there fighting for the biggest prizes up for grabs in a lot of sports over the years to make a name for themselves as a program to be proud of. The current season will provide them with another chance to cement what is already a formidable heritage of success. If Sooners history is anything to go by then it is an opportunity they will relish for sure.

Program Name:

Oklahoma Sooners


University of Oklahoma

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I

The Oklahoma Sooners have put together a very formidable record over the course of their history. That have won national and conference titles in almost every major sport they have competed in and like all great programs, they aren’t about to take their foot off the pedal anytime in the foreseeable future. They know how to win and that is an added advantage for them as they get ready to scoop more titles in the next few years. Oklahoma Sooners tickets are being bought by their fans once again as they saddle up to root for their very own program live, up close and personal.


The Oklahoma Sooners football program is one of the most legendary in the history of intercollegiate sports and rightly so. They have been at the top for decades now and have solidified their place as one of the most dominant football programs around.

In football, the Sooners have won the conference title on a whopping forty four occasions on their way to producing five Heisman winners. The Sooners also have ten unclaimed national titles to their name to go with seven claimed national championships. The football program has also produced seventy five Consensus All-Americans. Sooners’ football teams have appeared in forty seven postseason bowl games, winning twenty eight of those. The Oklahoma Sooners have compiled an overall record that exceeds the percentage of .720.


The Oklahoma Sooners basketball program is also one of the best in all of university programs. Both men and women have accumulated a haul of titles that puts them in the company of the most elite programs. Men have been crowned regular season conference champions fifteen times whereas they have got their hands on the conference title on seven occasions. They also have twenty eight NCAA Tournament appearances to show for their efforts over the years.

Women aren’t too far behind in terms of success either. The Oklahoma Sooners women’s basketball team has got their hands on three regular season conference titles and four conference tournament accolades. On top of that, they have also qualified for the NCAA/AIAW Tournament sixteen times with three Final Four appearances.


The Oklahoma Sooners baseball record is something to be proud of as well. They have lifted the regular season conference championships sixteen times and also have two conference titles against their name. The Sooners have also made it to the NCAA Tournament an astonishing thirty five times. The Oklahoma Sooners baseball program also has ten College World Series appearances and two national titles in their trophy cabinet.

The Oklahoma Sooners have achieved astonishing success and that trend looks well set to continue for a long time. It has been a great ride till now and there are plenty more twists and turns still to come; the result of all that will be entire seasons of thrilling fixtures to look forward to.

Did You Know?

  • Oklahoma Sooners have had five of their football coaches make their way in to the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • They are also proud holders of forty seven consecutive wins, which is a record.
  • Four of their football coaches have won more than one hundred games which is a record as well.
  • The institution is one of SWC’s charter members.
  • Football became a part of the University of Oklahoma’s landscape way back in the year 1895.