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Golf is among the most popular sports in the world today. It is an elegant and classy sport. These two facets play a big part in distinguishing it from other sports. The latest season of golf games is now underway. The biggest names in the sport will make their way to some of the most prestigious courses around the world to lift the coveted titles. Golf tickets are in high demand once again as fans get ready to see their favorite players in this game of gentlemen.

The Beginnings

Debates have been going on for years about the actual origins of the golf. Different historians have their own say on the matter but no definite consensus has been reached till yet. That however is not the case when it comes to establishing the roots of golf as we see it today. The first traces of the sport in its current form are found in Scotland in the year 1457. It is also Scotland that has the oldest golf course in the world, the historic Musselburgh Links.

The Evolution

Golf began to make its way to different other countries and well from that point onwards. A watershed moment came in the year 1744 when Company of Gentlemen Golfers jotted down some rules of the sport. Those laws are widely considered to be the first ever documented golf regulations of all time. The game really took off from that point onwards and by the time 1800’s came around it has ventured over to places like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Not to mention Scotland’s neighboring Ireland as well. The United States also began to embrace golf more or less during this time. Slowly but surely more and more people began to get involved which resulted in the formation of over two hundred golf clubs by the end of the first decade of 1900’s. With the sport expanding its wings to different parts of the globe, its popularity increased multiple times over.

The Major Tournaments

Golf is more often than not played over eighteen holes. There are golf courses that have nine holes as well. The men’s calendar is dominated by four big tournaments which are also collectively known as Majors. First up is the Masters Tournament followed by the U.S. Open Championship. Then there is The Open Championship before the PGA Championship is held in August. Jack Nicklaus leads the Majors count with eighteen wins under his belt. As far as women go the Majors start off with the Kraft Nabisco Championship. It then carries on towards the LPGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open and Women’s British Open. The Evian Championship has become the fifth women’s major starting 2013. Patty Berg has won fifteen women’s Majors, the most by any player. The golf season is now in full swing. The best in the business are all geared up to write their names in history once again. It promises to be another brilliant year, full of twists and turns, one that can’t be missed out on.



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