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The Combat Sport

An extremely exciting combat sport, wrestling has been a part of our culture for centuries now. It has enthralled generations after generations and continues to be one of the most popular universal sports. Today, various forms and types of wrestling competitions exist around the world; however, the basics of the game remain mostly the same. Involving maneuvers such as grappling holds, pins, joint locks, takedowns, throws and clinch fighting, a modern wrestling bout between two or more individuals draws in thousands of fans. Some of the popular US based wrestling promoters include Wrestling Superstars Live, WWE, Memphis Wrestling, UWF Live, Ultimate Fighting Championship and FILA Grappling.


Origins of Wrestling

Wrestling can be traced back to 12th century BC, when grappling competitions existed in ancient Greece and Rome,. Paintings and cave drawings dating back to 15000 years have been discovered in Egypt and France. In ancient Greece literature, wrestling occupied a significant place as it was one of the focal sports during the ancient Olympic Games. The ancient Romans continued promoting the ancient Greece wrestling, but eliminated much of its brutality.


Wrestling saw a growing interest among the royal families during the Middle Ages. Monarchs from England, Japan and France all popularized the grappling sport by holding grand events during that period. Native Americans were exposed to wrestling at a greater level when the European settlers brought their combat sport traditions to America. During the 19th century, amateur wrestling gained significant popularity within the North American colonies. In 1888, the first organized national wrestling tournament was held in New York City and later the sport became a major entertainer during military exercises, holiday celebrations and country fairs. The first wrestling competition during the Olympic Games was held in Saint Louis in 1904.


Professional Wrestling

As wrestling competitions and bouts became modernized, several worldwide promoters of wrestling started gaining widespread recognition. In order to keep the existing viewership intact while alluring new markets, the promoters started adding theatrics and drama to the sport. This gave rise to entertainment oriented bouts rather than pure athletic competitions. Professional wrestling became a more conventional type of contact sport, attracting more viewership around the world. Now, professional wrestling promoters like WWE have become major players in the worldwide wrestling scene, with viewership and fan base matching that of other celebrated combat sports such as boxing. One of the largest professional wrestling promoters, WWE now broadcasts its matches in over hundred and fifty countries, reaching more than thirteen million viewers.


The Live Experience

Combat sport has always drawn huge interest of viewers since its beginning. Now, the organized wrestling scene has become one of the most sought after entertainment sports worldwide. Thousands of people enjoy wrestling matches that feature captivating plots, celebrated athletes, high flying stunts and action packed grappling maneuvers. Wrestling tickets are always a catch amongst the fans who like to witness dramatized yet engaging brawls. This season, popular events expected to be staged around the US include WWE Summerslam, WWE WrestleMania XXX, WWE Battleground and Impact Wresting Live. So make sure to reserve your seat at the upcoming matches and catch all your favorite superstars as they battle it out live in the ring.

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