Wwe Raw Tickets

WWE Raw is the flagship weekly show of the world’s biggest professional wrestling company in the world today. The anticipation has reached fever pitch now that the Royal Rumble is done and dusted a few days back. New storylines emerging post that amazing pay-per-view is also contributing to the excitement among fans. The elimination chamber is up next and then of course is Wrestlemania, the Super Bowl of professional wrestling. The episodes of WWE Raw leading up to the Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania will play a huge part in making both the events exhilarating. All these features make WWE and its programming so amazing. There will be jaw dropping moments aplenty so if you are a wrestling fan, then you just cannot afford to miss out on all the action.

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World Wrestling Entertainment



WWE Raw has been the biggest weekly professional wrestling show for years now. It has thrilled fans all around the world with out of this world in-ring action. Some of the biggest names in the sport have stepped inside the squared circle to entertain fans and have put everything they have on the line. With 2014 now here, this will give fans another chance to watch their favorite stars in action in what has all the ingredients of being another stellar season of festivities. Millions of wrestling fanatics every year to be a part of the show and those numbers are set to increase this year as well.

The Beginning

WWE Raw began as the Monday Night Raw on 11th January 1993. It was a groundbreaking show and the concept changed the face of professional wrestling forever. The show’s duration during those days used to be one hour and it was the first wrestling show in history that was performed in front of a live crowd. It was a brand new concept and the nature of the storylines and their execution in front of a live audience made it a compelling view for fans in attendance.

The Monday Night Wars

WWE came face to face with its biggest competitor to date in the middle of 1990’s when the rival WCW Monday Nitro came on to the scene. Bankrolled by Ted Turner, the World Wrestling Championship began to attract the biggest names in the sport. World Wrestling Entertainment and the World Championship Wrestling went head to head in a ratings competition that began to be known as the “Monday Night Wars.”

WCW were winning the ratings war and it remained that way for quite some time. WWE had to react and react they did. It came up with the “Attitude Era,” a more adult oriented concept. The Attitude Era helped the World Wrestling Entertainment get back in front and once that happened, they didn’t let the lead slip. It wasn’t long before that the WCW folded and was bought out by Vince McMahon owned WWE in the year 2001, thus ending the Monday Night Wars.

Post Monday Night Wars

The program’s name was then changed to Raw or WWE Raw. It has become the most watched weekly wrestling television show in history now. The likes of the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Triple H, The Rock and Big Show among many others were the stars of that era.

WWE programming then entered a PG Era and new stars like John Cena, Brock Lesner, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, The Shield and Sheamus took over the baton to keep WWE Raw and the company moving forward. Some stars from the Attitude Era are still a part of the company but they have now taken a backseat to hand over the torch to the next generation. WWE Raw continues to flourish and entertain fans in equal measure. And it’s always a great experience to watch it live.


Did You Know?

  • WWE Raw has been shown in over two hundred countries since its debut.
  • It is now a three hour long show.
  • It is the first weekly television show in history to exceed the 1000 episode mark.
  • It is viewed by close to half a billion people around the world each week.
  • It is broadcasted in over thirty different languages.