Pbr Professional Bull Riders Tickets

Some of the best bull riders in the world are about to saddle up on a mad raging bull’s back in an ultimate man versus beast battle. The PBR Professional Bull Riders season is now underway. For the last two decades, this organization has looked after rodeo and has turned it into one of the fastest growing sport in the world. A journey that started with some people coming together to promote the sport has now gone on to become one of the biggest bull riding entities in the world. For fans both new and old, a PBR season is one not to be missed out on at any cost.

Organization: PBR Professional Bull Riders

Sport: Rodeo

Beginning: 1992

PBR Professional Bull Riders has more than played its part in turning rodeo into a phenomenon. The excitement and the thrill it offers is something that is exclusive to it. Its adrenaline pumping nature has done a lot to attract people of all ages and from all walks of life to the sport. Its popularity has soared over the years and so has its stature among the masses. The experiment of establishing an organization to look after rodeo has worked perfectly. With the latest season now underway, PBR Professional Bull Riders tickets are once again expected to be talk of the town.

How It All Began?

It was in the year 1992 that twenty bull riders joined hands to take the sport among the ranks of other professional sports. They were short on funds so each one of them chipped in with one thousand dollars from their own pockets to get PBR Professional Bull Riders up and running. The idea behind trying to get the sport to the masses was that it had so much to offer that it deserved to get more recognition than it was actually getting at that time.

Once PBR came to the fore, it didn’t take too long to change people’s impression of rodeo. What was generally perceived as a sport that didn’t have too much to offer caught the imagination of millions in just a short span of time. With every year that passed by, more and more people began to take interest and attendance figures at the events witnessed a rapid rise.


PBR now holds around three hundred different kinds of events all through the year and is owned by forty four cowboys. That initial investment of one thousand dollars each has been converted into millions. The prize money now has exceeded the eleven million dollar mark which is a huge increase from the paltry two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on offer in the year 1994. Around three hundred and ten thousand fans made their way to attend PBR events in 1995. This number has now increased to over a million and a half fans for PBR shows annually. The surge in popularity has enabled the sport to be covered and broadcasted by the biggest of sports broadcasters in the business. The Professional Bull Riders that exists today is a far cry from the one that began all those years ago in 1992.

The Rules

The rules of the sport stipulate that a rider has to get on the back of a mad bull and grab the harness tied around the animal. The door of the stable is opened and the bull moves forward trying to throw the rider off its back. All the bull rider has to do is remain saddled for the scheduled eight seconds. This sounds simple but the fact is that two thirds of the total number of riders doesn’t last the entire duration. Two judges grade the performance of the bull whereas another two rate the rider. The exhilarating nature of PBR Professional Bull Riders sport draws more and more people to it every year and that will remain the case for all the future events as well.


Did You Know?

  • TV attendance figures increased by a whopping fifty two percent for PBR events between 2002 and 2004.
  • Over one hundred million people catch watch PBR events on TV annually.
  • The weight of the bull is around two thousand pounds.
  • The organization has twelve hundred members from different countries.
  • More than eight hundred competitors compete in PBR events every year.