Pittsburgh Pirates Tickets

MLB's ‘World Series Champions', Pittsburgh Pirates have been enthralling baseball lovers for over a century now. The celebrated professional baseball club is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team has produced highly skilled players over the years and continues to be a competitive force in the American baseball scene. This season, the Pirates will once again go against some of the top teams of MLB. The club will be playing home matches at the PNC Park and away matches at Wrigley Field, Rangers Ballpark, Miller Park, Busch Stadium, AT&T Park and Coors Field. Make sure to witness Pittsburg Pirates live in action this year for an exciting baseball experience.


Pittsburgh Pirates

Team Colors:

White, Gold, Black


9 Division Titles, 9 NL Pennants, 5 World Series Championships

Team History

Formed as Allegheny in 1882, the team joined the National League in 1887 for its sixth season and was rebranded as Pittsburgh Alleghenys. In 1890, the team became Pittsburg Innocents for one season. The following year the team was again rebranded as Pittsburg Pirates for twenty seasons. In 1912, the franchise saw another minor change to its name when it became the Pittsburgh Pirates.
The Pirates played in the National League's Eastern Division from 1969 to 1993. The team became a part of the league's Central Division in 1994 and now continues to compete against divisional rivals St. Lois Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs.


The Pirates managed to garner success during the early 1900s. They bagged three successive ‘NL Pennants' beginning in 1901. In 1909, they managed to bag the ‘NL Pennant' as well as their first ‘World Series Title'. The team faced Detroit Tigers in the Series finals and won with a 4 by 3 victory. The championship team comprised of eminent baseball players, Babe Adams and Honus Wagner.
Since then, the Pirates have won a total of nine ‘NL Pennants'. They have won five ‘World Series Titles', most recent of which came in 1979 when they defeated Baltimore Orioles.
The club has to its name nine ‘East Division Titles', but has failed to capture any title since it became a part of the Central Division.

The Live Experience

Even though Pittsburgh Pirates have faced serious loses for the past decade, the team continues to fight on the field until the last minute. The players exhibit exceptional determination and team spirit, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game. The thrilling aura and fan support during Pirates' home games is still an enlivening experience for all sports lovers. Every season, thousands of Pittsburgh Pirates tickets are sold even before the regular season starts. The Pirates will be playing home games against several clubs including Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. So make sure to witness your favorite Pirates live in action this season.

Did You Know…

  1. Pirates' rivalry with the Philadelphia Phillies is considered ‘one of the National League's best rivalries'.
  2. Game between Philadelphia Phillies and the Pirates in 1921 was the first one in MLB to be broadcasted on the radio.
  3. The Pirates are the first MLB club to win a ‘World Series' on a home run.
  4. The Pirates are the first team in professional sports to record consecutive twenty-season loses.
  5. The night match played between Baltimore Orioles and the Pirates during the 1971 season, was the first ever World Series game played at night.