Toughest Monster Truck Tour Tickets

Featuring some of the best drivers and most famous monster trucks in the world, the Toughest Monster Truck Tour is the place to be if you are a Monster Truck fan. The show features famous monster trucks from all over the country performing stunts and exhibiting their driver’s skills, making for an extremely entertaining show. Toughest Monster Truck Tour tickets will allow you to catch the event live as the tour makes a stop at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


Toughest Monster Truck Tour

Event Type:

Monster Truck Exhibition

Featured Monster Trucks:

Bigfoot, Toxic, Double Trouble, Equalizer, Captain USA


During the late 1960’s, sports like truck pulling and mud bogging were becoming popular, and people started modifying pickup trucks to make them bigger and more powerful. Soon lifted trucks were introduced to compete in these sports, and eventually a “biggest truck” competition evolved.

Some of the earliest monster trucks to emerge as a result of this were Bob Chandler’s “Bigfoot”, Jeff Dane’s “King Kong” and Jack Willman Sr.’s “Bear Foot”. Most of these trucks became famous throughout the country, as people started paying money just to see them. These trucks were running forty eight inches tires at that time, making them seem huge in front of regular vehicles.

April 1981 is considered a historic date in monster truck history, as it was the first documented instant of a truck crushing cars. Bob Chandler drove his famous truck, “Bigfoot” over a couple of cars and filmed the entire thing as a promotional tool for his drive performance shop. A film promoter saw the footage and asked him to perform in front of a crowd. Hesitant at first, Chandler relented, and performed the stunt in 1982 at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Chandler revealed a newer version of the truck at the event as well. Equipped with sixty six inch tires, it prompted show promoter Bob George to label it a “Monster Truck”. The term became the generic name for all such trucks.

The Show:

A monster truck show features multiple stunts by famous trucks. One of the most common stunts these trucks perform is crushing smaller, regular cars under their huge tires.

Usually trucks compete in races where there are two parallel tracks, featuring a variety of obstacles, which two drivers have to negotiate. The first truck to complete the track is declared the winner.

One of the most interesting part of the show is the free style segment, where drivers can show off their truck’s power and their driving skills in a display of freestyle stunts. These stunts range from simple donuts to complex skills like slap wheelies. Over the years, freestyle has become a competition where winners are adjudged by crowd reaction and appreciation.

The show at Alerus Center will feature some of the best known monster trucks in the circuit, including the legendary Bigfoot, Toxic, Double Trouble, Equalizer, Captain USA and Red Solo Truck. Also featured in the event will be back flipping, high flying, X-Games style freestyle motocross.Toughest Monster Truck Tour tickets will allow you to catch all this action live, so plan accordingly and keep this particular date free in your calendars.

Interesting Facts:

  • Monster trucks vary in sizes, but they usually weigh around 10,000 pounds and measure about twelve feet in width, twelve feet in height and are around twenty feet long.
  • Maintaining monster trucks is quite expensive and the annual cost of keeping a truck and maintenance staff can exceed 500,000 dollars.
  • Prior to every event, monster trucks are required to pass a safety examination, which covers around fifty points.
  • Monster trucks usually have 20-32 inch suspension systems.
  • The Monster Truck Racing Association regulates major monster truck events and promotions throughout the country.