New York Liberty Tickets

New York Liberty has proved to be a competent team in WNBA. The team has made it to playoffs for the past three consecutive years.  Keeping with its reputation as a hard hitting team, the franchise is definitely one to look out for this season. Led by Bill Laimbeer, this year the squad consists of several skilled players. To name a few these include Cappie Pondexter, Katie Smith and Leilani Mitchell. 


New York Liberty

Team Colors:

Orange, Seafoam Green, Blue, White



The team from Newark, New Jersey is known for its show of outstanding skills on the hard court. A strong contender in the sport they play in the Eastern Conference. Winners of four conference titles, they have appeared in playoffs an impressive twelve times. Although the franchise has not as yet won any league championship but has proved to be a fearsome contender in the sport.


In late 1996 the team was chosen as one of charter WNBA teams. A year later the team played its first season. Twice winner of gold medal in the Olympics, Nancy Darsch was the first ever coach of the team. Under her expert guidance the team made it to the first ever finals of the league where they faced the Houston Comets. Although New York Liberty didn’t win the league title but they were noted for their outstanding skills. The franchise won seven games in a row in their inaugural season. Also they secured the second position in its conference.

Early Years:

Beginning their second season with a slow start, the team improved to win ten out of eleven games. They also went on to declare triumph over the Houston Comets with a 70-54 score. Still improving the team won the conference title next year. Coming years saw the team show outstanding performance at numerous occasions. In 2000 the franchise won the conference title again and also recorded its best ever score at 20-12. Soon the team came to be a favourite with the fans and there was a growing demand for New York Liberty tickets.

Through Later Years:

2001 saw New York Liberty leading the league in attendance with an average of over fifteen thousand spectators per game. Such is the team’s popularity that in 2004 six of its games at the massive Radio City Music Hall were sold out. In the coming years the team gained more popularity and went on to reach many bench marks to attain the position of one of the best basketball franchises around.

Prominent Athletes:

Perhaps the most prominent player of the team has been Teresa Weatherspoon, who is ranked among the top fifteen athletes ever in the history of the league. Among her various accomplishments stands out her court to court shot during the league finals in 1999 against Houston Comets. Worth mentioning is Sue Wicks who has the distinction of winning the Kim Perrot Sportsmanship Award. A gold medallist she has also been inducted in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Not to forget Vickie Johnson who in her eight years on the team was twice selected for the WNBA All Star games. She also made history as the first ever player on the team to record two thousand points. There have been numerous more distinguished athletes on the team’s roster.  To name a few these include Rebecca Lobo, Kalana Greene and Tari Phillips.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The team made it to Championship Finals in their first season
  2. They hold the record for being the first ever team in the history of the league to play three back to back games in three days
  3. New York Liberty has qualified for playoffs ten times
  4. They were the first WNBA team to reach the mark of two million fans
  5. In 2001 season the franchise made a record of winning seven consecutive games