Wwe Live Tickets

WWE Live events have been a very important part of the company’s line-up. These shows have been produced for years now and feature some of the biggest names on the company’s roster. The idea behind these events is to carry the momentum or the lack of it generated from televised shows. Also, these in-house shows are used to test how some matches that are scheduled for live programming will affect the viewers. WWE Live events might not be televised but they still hold a lot of significance. These programs are at times shown live to fans in other countries beyond the borders of the United States as well. Thousands of wrestling fans catch them live and it will not be any different this year either.

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WWE Live




Professional Wrestling

Are you a wrestling fan looking to watch some of the biggest names in the business? If the answer to that question is in affirmative, then WWE Live is exactly what you need. These in-house shows have been a part of the WWE for quite some time now and during this time span, they have become a big part of what the organization is all about. All around the globe, millions of wrestling fans have bought to watch their favorite superstars live and now that the current season is underway, it will be more of the same.

The Early Days

WWE Live shows are an integral part of the World Wrestling Entertainment, the biggest professional wrestling company in the world today. WWE traces its roots back to the days of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in early 1950’s. Roderick James McMahon and Joseph Raymond Mondt joined hands to form the CWC that went on to become a part of the National Wrestling Alliance. The two of them broke away and incepted the World Wide Wrestling Federation also known as the WWWF in the year 1963.

The WWWF and the WWE

The WWWF became a major wrestling promotion company that changed its names to the World Wrestling Federation in 1979. Professional wrestling’s landscape began to change when Vincent K. McMahon took over the company. He was a visionary who wanted to turn the sport global. Slowly and carefully, Vince began to expand the business and it wasn’t long before the World Wrestling Federation was being watched by millions around the world.

Vince then came up with Wrestlemania, the biggest PPV in professional wrestling. The inaugural event was held in the year 1985 and it has since become the Super Bowl of wrestling. Under Vince’s guidance, the company continued to flourish and beat every competitor in ratings that it came up against over the years.  The name of the organization was once again changed to its current one, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but the name is all that has changed. The status of the company as the premier professional wrestling entity has remained. It has continued to grow from strength to strength to maintain the status quo in the world of sports and entertainment.

The WWE Live Experience

During WWE Live, fans get the chance to see their favorite programs up close and personal in small arenas. The intimate settings and the fact these shows are not televised give everyone in attendance a chance to be a part of a unique show. The biggest names on WWE’s roster step inside the ring to entertain fans like only they can.  It has been like that for years and it will continue to be the case for a long time to come yet.


Did You Know?

  • WWE shows are broadcasted in over a whopping one hundred and fifty countries around the world.
  • James McMahon was not only a wrestling promoter but a boxing promoter as well.
  • Toots Mondt was also a wrestler.
  • WWE programs are watched by an incredible six hundred and fifty million homes worldwide.
  • In the US only, fifteen million viewers watch WWE shows each week.