Chicago Cubs Tickets

One of the oldest MLB teams around, Chicago Cubs is also among the most-celebrated franchises in the sport. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the team is a strong contender in the Central Division of the National League. In a history spanning over fourteen decades, the franchise has had its ups and downs but it keeps on coming back to deliver great performance on the field.


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MLB Titles:

2 World Series, 16 Pennants, 3 Central Division Titles, 2 East Division Titles


The North Siders, the Loveable Losers, the Boys in Blue, The Cubbies

Formation and Early Years:

The team was founded in 1870 and was initially known as the Chicago White Stockings. Going through various name changes over the years, the franchise got its present name in 1903. The Cubs play their home games at the Wrigley Field which is located in Chicago's North Side Lake View community. This has led to them having the name of The North Siders.

Quite early on, the team showed great promise in the sport. It won its first pennant in 1876. Still rising, the franchise went on to win two consecutive World Series titles and four pennants within a time period of five years.

Latest performance:

Although the franchise holds the record for the longest streak of not winning a World Series, they are known for putting on a great spectacle on the field. Lately, they have been delivering great performance on the field. An example of their outstanding skill was seen in the 2003 NLDS season when the team beat the Atlanta Braves with a 3-2 score. Since the turn of the century, the team has won three Central Division titles. Rising in performance in recent years, the franchise has seen an increase in the number of fans. In addition to their dedicated fan base, the team has sparked interest of sports enthusiasts and Chicago Cubs tickets have become highly sought after.

Memorable Moments:

The team has made and broken several records in the history of baseball. They were the first MLB franchise to appear in three Fall Classics and also the first to win two of them. The team holds the record for the most runs-batted-in, with the 191 runs being scored by Hack Wilson in 1930. Worth mentioning here is the team's record for most home runs in a month that was scored by Sammy Sosa.


The franchise has a fierce rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals that dates back to 1880s.  Often referred to as the Route 66 rivalry and The Downstate Illinois rivalry, it is probably the most famous in the sport. Both teams have also defeated the other once to win the World Series title.  

Chicago Cubs also have a rivalry with the neighboring team the White Sox, the other team from Chicago. Over the years, the franchise has also built up a rivalry with the Houston Astros and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Notable Players:

Several noteworthy athletes have been part of the squad. Among these is the celebrated second baseman Ryne Sandberg. He is most famous for his two-game-tying home runs against the Cardinals in 1984. Several other Hall of Famers have played for the franchise. These include Billy Williams, Frank Chance, Ernie Banks, Johnny Evers, Tony Lazzeri and many more.
  1. The franchise is the oldest active team in major North American sports.
  2. Chicago Clubs have won sixteen NL Pennants and a five Division Titles so far.
  3. The team's over a century-old Championship Drought is often linked to the curse that an angered spectator put on the team after he was told to remove his goat from the stadium.
  4. They are one of the only two remaining charter members of the National League.
  5.  In 2008, the team celebrated winning it's 10,000th game.