Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

Milwaukee Brewers have taken a little while to get going. Since their inception just over four decades ago, they have been constantly trying to climb the ladder to reach the top. It hasn't been easy with Brewers encountering multiple setbacks along the way. Recently, however business has picked up and they are showing signs of rapid improvement. The last two winning seasons are an example of that. Millions of fans buy Milwaukee Brewers tickets every year and it doesn't look like it will be any different this time around as well.

Name: Milwaukee Brewers

First Pennant: 1982

First Division Title: 1982

Mascots: Bonnie Brewer and Bernie Brewer

Milwaukee and Baseball
Milwaukee has been a baseball oriented city for a long time. A number of teams that have played in the city over the years have been minor league sides. There were some major league titles as well. It all began in the year 1876 when the Milwaukee West Ends was formed. The team lasted only one season but it led the foundations for other baseball sides to prop up over the years.
Then a minor league club by the name of Milwaukee Brewers, it was formed in 1902. They were members of the American Association and took the place of another Brewers team that had re-located to St. Louis. It took that minor league team a little bit of time to get going but once it did, there was no stopping them. Brewers won a total of eight league titles to go with five class championships before they moved to Toledo.
Formation of the Current Milwaukee Brewers
By the time Brewers moved to Toledo, the major league team Boston Braves, now known as Atlanta Braves, had settled in Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Braves. Braves won two pennants as a Milwaukee team before making their way to Atlanta in 1965.
Bud Selig then decided to give the city its own baseball team. He wanted a brand new franchise to be awarded to him but since that somehow didn't happen he turned his focus to buying an existing team. That team turned out to be Seattle Pilots. He immediately moved Pilots to Milwaukee and changed the name to Milwaukee Brewers. The city now had its very own major league team.
Period of Struggle and First Success
Milwaukee Brewers got off to a relatively slow start in terms of making their mark. It was in the year 1982 that they first announced their arrival by winning the pennant as well as the division title. Brewers went all the way to playing in the World Series but came up short against St. Louis Cardinals.
Drought and Some Success
Brewers hit a lean patch after that and didn't do anything of note for almost three decades. Their form began to improve in around 2005. That resulted in them capturing a wild card spot in 2008.  The franchise took it from there and went on to clinch another division championship three years later on the back of posting a winning season.
Milwaukee Brewers are now looking to keep that form going. The current season hasn't gone according to the script till now but there is still time for them to get their act together and give it another go. It is not beyond them on paper so let's just wait and see if they manage to pull it off or not.

Interesting Facts

  • The Milwaukee Brewers name is inspired by the city's beer industry.
  • Dave Bristol was Milwaukee Brewer's first manager.
  • Milwaukee Brewers first home game of the 1973 season had to be postponed for four days due to thirteen feet of snow hitting the city.
  • Jim Colborn was the first Brewers twenty game winner.
  • In 1997 Milwaukee Brewers became the first American League team to play in a National League ballpark during the regular season.