Atlanta Braves Tickets

Atlanta Braves are on a hot streak right now. They lead the National League's East table pretty comfortably but they still are not taking anything for granted. The scars from the 2011 are still fresh. For those who don't know, the Braves had the wild card place all wrapped up but their form went downhill fast which stopped them from making the playoffs. It was a huge wakeup call for everyone and they look set to put the record straight. The team is flying and Atlanta Braves tickets are in hot demand right now among fans who really want to see where their team ends up.

­Team: Atlanta Braves

City of Origin: Boston

First World Series: 1914

First Pennant: 1877

Atlanta Braves, at first known as the Boston Red Stockings, are the oldest team in all of North American major sports who have played constantly since their inception. The seeds for the formation of the Braves were sewn way back in the year 1870 when Cincinnati Red Stockings went out of business.  Harry Winter then went to meet Ivers Whitney Adams in Boston. It was the latter who chipped in with fifteen thousand dollars and in the year 1871 the Boston Red Stockings made its way to the baseball landscape.  The National Association of Professional Baseball Players was formed just a couple of months later and Red Stockings along with eight other baseball teams became its chartered members.
It six years later that the National League was incepted and the Red Stockings once again led the line as one of its first ever members. It didn't take them too long to stamp their authority on the league and the Braves won their first pennant in 1877. They repeated the feat next year and that double triumph set them on the way to becoming one of the most followed baseball teams of all time.
Legacy and Championships
Atlanta Braves went to the top of the pile for the first time in the year 1914 when they clinched their first World Series Title. The division championship however eluded them for quite a few years. The wait ended in the year 1969 when they got their hands on the first division title in history. The Atlanta Braves have in total won three World Series titles, sixteen division crowns and a staggering seventeen pennants to join the ranks of the most successful baseball franchises of all time.
Cities they have played in
The Atlanta Braves remained in Boston from 1871 till 1952. Their time in the city saw the franchise take different names over the years. The year 1953 saw them kick off proceedings in the Milwaukee where they remained for twelve years before re-locating to their current home in Atlanta. They made their debut as an Atlanta based franchise in 1966.
The Boston Red Stockings began to play at the South End Grounds in the year 1871 and remained there till 1894. The Congress Street Ground then became their home for one year before returning to their original ballpark once again. They remained there till 1914 before spending a year at Fenway Park. 1915 saw them get based at the Braves Field all the way till 1952. The 1953 and 1965 the Milwaukee County Stadium became their home turf between 1953 and 1965. They followed that up with a move to the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium before shifting to their current home the Turner Field in 1997.




Did you know?

  • The Atlanta Braves are the only baseball team in history to have won World Series titles as a team based in three different cities.
  • The Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs are the only two National League's chartered franchises still playing.
  • The Atlanta Braves won an impressive fourteen division titles between 1991 and 2005. That is an American major league record when it comes to successive division championships won.
  • The Atlanta Braves headlined five World Series games in the 1990's which earned them the label “The Team of the 90's.”
  • The Atlanta Braves are one of only seven MLB teams to have won ten thousand or more games in its history.