Columbus Clippers Tickets


The Columbus Clippers have just been ranked the fourth most valuable team in Minor League Baseball. A lot of that is down to the success they have had on the field and the fact there are in one of the hottest markets in the sport. A ballpark that is not more than four years old also helps a lot. They have started the current season fairly well too and if they maintain the momentum then this will turn out to be another fascinating run to the finish line.

Name: Columbus Clippers

First Major League Affiliates: Pittsburgh Pirates

Current Major League Affiliates: Cleveland Indians

The Columbus Clippers are among minor league's most famous names. They have been there over the years and have cemented their place as one of the most formidable forces in the sport. While the current campaign reaches its business point, big things are expected of them and their supporters who are buying Columbus Clippers tickets in thousands to play their part by rooting for their favorite side every time they play.
The Beginning
The Columbus Clippers were incepted in the year 1977 when “Franklin County” bought them for twenty five thousand dollars. That transaction set the wheels in motion for the inception of a Minor League Baseball team that was go on to dominate the sport for years to come.
Immediate Success
The Columbus Clippers didn't find success too hard to come by. The franchise flew out of the blocks and went on to clinch both the Division title and the Governors Cup in 1979, just two years after their formation. They proved to the world that the double triumph was no fluke by repeating the feat for the next two seasons as well. It was an astonishing start by a team that has not been a part of the baseball fraternity for too long.
More Success
The Clippers didn't let the standards slip and won another two Division titles and one League Championship before the decade came to a close. 1990's was equally productive if not more so. During that decade they went to get their hands on an impressive half a dozen division crowns and three more Governors Cups. The consistency in their play had by then put them right up there as one of the teams to beat.
2000's Till Now
The Columbus Clippers didn't slack off and carried that form over to the next millennium. They have won two Division championships and two more Governors Cup since the turn of the century. Not only that, but they have also added a couple of Class titles to their trophy cabinets.
The Clippers have been gone on to write their name in history books as minor league baseball's most potent teams. They have had a few barren little patches in between but they have bounced back in style every time. They will want to improve even more and if they manage to do that then that can only be bad news for any teams that they come up against.
Major League Affiliates
The Clippers started off as being associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates for a solitary year. They went on to join hands with the iconic New York Yankees after that and that affiliation lasted for twenty eight years. A one year long agreement was then stuck with the Washington Nationals before the Clippers once again changed their major league affiliates by becoming the Cleveland Indians minor league team.
The Columbus Clippers started off being based at the Cooper Stadium when they joined the baseball landscape.  That stadium became synonymous with some of the team's most memorable moments. The Clippers then re-located to the Huntington Park which still serves as their ballpark.

Did You Know?

  • The Clippers have in total taken part in twelve championship series.
  • Sixteen thousand seven hundred and seventy seven fans watched them play their last game at the Cooper Stadium.
  • That was the third biggest crowd in the stadium's history.
  • The Huntington Park was constructed with a total cost of seventy million dollars.
  • The Clippers enjoy the company of three more Ohio based minor league teams in the Forbes list of the top ten most valuable franchises.