Minnesota Twins Tickets

Boasting skilled players in their roster, the Minnesota Twins seem all set to kick start their era of dominance. The team has started the 2013- 2014 season with high hopes of winning another title. Given their impressive record of 7-3 for the past ten games at the end of July, they are definitely a team to watch out for.

Team Name:

Minnesota Twins

Home Ground:

Target Field

Major Accomplishments:

3 World Series Titles, 10 Division Titles, 6 AL Pennants

A strong contender in the Central Division of MLB's American League, the team is known for its high energy performance on the field. The franchise has had its share of ups and downs. Most recent of these was in 2002 when it was threatened by disintegration due to financial problems. But the team bounces back after every setback to assert its mastery in the field.


The team was formed in 1894 in Kansas City and they initially played in the Western League. Six years after its formation, the team was relocated to Washington D.C. and came to be known by the names Washington Senators and Washington Nationals. Later in 1960, the team moved to its present city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and came to be known as Minnesota Twins.  
The franchise struggled in the start but they soon picked up became a prominent name in the sport. Acquiring several Hall Of Fame inductees as players, the team went on to impress with its performance. In 1924 they won their first World Series title against the New York Giants. Following that they went on to create a name for themselves throughout the 1920's and 1930's.

Later Years:

After its move to Minnesota the team has accelerated its performance. They won an impressive 91 games in their second year as the Minnesota Twins. But then they suffered from performance issues and financial problems in the seventies. After a lean patch, the team got back on track and claimed a victory in the 1987 World Series.
They won the championship again in 1991. The game saw them come face to face with the Atlanta Braves in what is considered as the greatest game in the history of professional baseball. Showing great performance they won the match by scoring a run towards the end of the tenth innings.

Recent Years:

The team has been showing great performance since the turn of the 21st century. Between 2001 and 2006 they went on to clinch the longest consecutive winning streak since their move to Minnesota. They have also repeatedly won division titles, with their latest win being in 2010. Growing in popularity, the team attracted over three million fans to its games that year, a feat they repeated the next year as well. Regaining the status of one of the major teams in the sport, they have been attracting attention from sports enthusiasts and Minnesota Twins tickets have come to be highly sought after as a result.

Notable Athletes:

The team's roster has included several prominent players. These include Jim Thome, who while playing for the team went on to make history as the eighth ever MLB player to hit 600 home runs. The legendry pitcher Walter Johnson has also played for the team. He holds the distinction of leading the team in winning its first American League pennant in 1924. Worth mentioning is Harmon Killebrew who has also been part of the American League All-Star team. Other noted players include Jack Morris, Ron

Did You Know?

  1. Minnesota Twins are the first ever team to advance to the World series after finishing the previous season at the bottom
  2. A major crowd puller, the team attracted over three million fans to its live games in 2010 and 2011
  3. ESPN The Magazine has ranked Target Field, the team's home ground, as ‘The Best Sports Stadium in North America'
  4. The team was almost disbanded in 2002 due to financial problems
  5. Since the turn of the century, the team has won six  division titles