Kansas City Royals Tickets

The team that quickly came to prominence after its foundation winning numerous division titles and one world championship is all ready to become a dominant force of the League again. Having a devoted fan base and skilful players, Kansas City Royal is energetic and high in spirits to mark their glory in the coming season so watch out for them.


Kansas City Royal


The Big Blue Bus, The Boys in Blue.

Number of Titles:

1 World Series, 2 Al Pennants, 6 West Division Title

A Major League Baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City Royals play in the Central Division of MLB's American League. Founded by Ewing Kauffman in 1969, the team quickly managed to make its mark winning World Series Title in 1985, American League Pennants in 1985 and 1990 and six West Division Titles.

From Beginning till Today:

Royals played their inaugural game in 1969 against Minnesota Twins defeating them in 12 innings. Their first winning season came in 1971 under manager Bob Lemon. In 1975, with Whitey Herzog as manager, the team emerged as the dominant franchise in American League's Western Division winning three consecutive division championships. In 1981, despite having a losing record, the team qualified for the post season and is the only team to do so as of 2012.  The Royals won their fifth Division Championship in 1984 and then again in 1985 becoming the only team to win a seven-game League Championship Series and a seven game World Series same year. Throughout the 1980s, Royals remain AL West's top contenders. In the next decade, the team kept declining and in 2002, the team set a record of losing 100 consecutive games for the first time in the history of franchise. In 2006, they became the eleventh team in major league history to lose 100 games in three straight seasons. In 2007, losing streak finally broke and team finished the season in fourth place.

Historical Rivalries:

Royals' most prominent rivalry is with St. Louis Cardinals. It began with Royal's successes in early 1980s and was at peak when Royal played against Cardinals in 1985's World Series. They also had a major rivalry with New York Yankees. Both teams encountered each other four times in five years of AL championship series. Other division rivalries with Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox are also of prominence.


Royals used Municipal stadium as their temporary home from 1969 to 1972. In 1972, the stadium was replaced by Truman Sports Complex which included Royals Stadium for the Royals. Municipal Stadium was demolished in 1976 and replaced by municipal garden. After July 1993, Royals Stadium was renamed as Kauffman Stadium and is one of the best examples of Modern Stadium Design. The Stadium, being forty years old, is the sixth oldest stadium in major League Baseball and has undergone several renovations over the years. 2012 Major league Baseball All-Star game took place in Kauffman Stadium.

Famous Players of the team:

1970s saw the future stars such as pitchers Steve Busby, Paul Splittorff, infielders Frank White and George Brett and outfielder Al Cowens in the team. During World Championship Series season of 1980, young stars like Bo Jackson, Kevin Seitzer and Tom Gordon came to prominence. Mark Davis, who was acquired in the team in 1989, signed $13 million contract becoming highest paid baseball player at that time. Three players in the Royals History to win CY Young Award are Greinke (1985), Bret Saberhagen (1898) and David Cone (1994). In their home games, Kansas City Royals enjoy a huge crowd. They also receive decent support in away games. Their fans always make sure to book Kansas City Royals tickets much before the season starts and they turn out in huge numbers to cheer for their team.


Did You Know?

  1. The Royals' name originates from American Royal, a livestock show, rodeo and a horse show that is held in Kansas City annually.
  2. The Mascot of Royals is the crown wearing lion named Sluggerrr.
  3. Denny Mathews received Ford C. Frick Award for his work as Royals' broadcaster.
  4. George Brett of the Kansas City Royals hit a 2-run home run in 1983's game against Yankees with a bat which had large amount of pine tar. This led to umpires nullifying the home runs and giving him out in the famous “Pine Tar incident”.
  5. Country Music artist C. W. McCall dedicated a song Pine Tar Wars to Pine Tar Incident.