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Julie Hermann is among the most respected athletics administrators in the country and with her now being appointed as the athletics director at Rutgers, expectations are high once again. She was the executive senior associate director of athletics at the University of Louisville before coming to take over the Scarlet Knights. This change has been instrumental in turning Rutgers’ program into a serious contender in more than one sport. This bodes well for Rutgers future. Scarlet Knights are about to enter a new era, one that everyone associated with the institution hopes will bring a lot of glory to the university.

Athletics Program:

Rutgers Scarlet Knights


Rutgers University

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I-A

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are one of the oldest collegiate athletics programs in the country. They have been a part of the sports fraternity for well over a century and their long association with it makes them a truly historical program. They have won numerous championships and have produced some legendary players in multiple sports over the course of their illustrious history. With a new AD at the top, these are really interesting times for Scarlet Knights and this is when the support of their fans will count. So if you are a fan of this wonderful program, then book your Rutgers Scarlet Knights tickets and pack stadiums/venues around the country to play your part in helping your team make it to the top.

The Birth of Football

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights football program is as old as college football itself. The first ever football game at college level took place on 6th November, 1869. That historic game was played between Rutgers and Princeton which was won by the former by a 6-4 score. It was played in New Brunswick. That was a watershed moment in American football as that is what kick-started the sport in the country and put it on its way to becoming one of the most popular one. That game was a far cry from the American Football we see today and understandably so. Rutgers were captained by William J. Leggett.

A second football match was scheduled for play between the two schools one week after the inaugural game. This time Rutgers made the trip to Princeton in a contest that was won by the home side. Another game was to be played but it wasn’t approved by both universities as they considered it to be a distraction for the students.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have an overall record that is above .508. To maintain this record over such a long period of time takes a lot of effort and skill. They have also gone on to win four conference titles and have produced forty five Consensus All-Americans. Not only that, but they have also made it to postseason bowl games eight times, winning it on five occasions. They also have one national title to their name.

Other Sports and Legacy

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have won championships in other sports as well. Men’s fencing, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, soccer, baseball and men’s track and field have all brought home prestigious championships. Scarlet Knights status among the oldest programs is guaranteed and now it is time for them to take another step forward. There is no better way to do that than getting proceedings underway starting this season.


Did You Know?

  • Julie Hermann is the first ever woman athletic director at Rutgers.
  • She is also the second woman athletics director in Big Ten history.
  • The first ever athletics event in the university’s history was a baseball game that took place on 2nd May, 1866.
  • Their basketball team started to play for the first time in the year 1906.
  • Rutgers beat Princeton by a score of 29-0 on 27th September, 1969 in a game held to celebrate the century of the first ever game played between the two.