Chicago White Sox Tickets

One of the most celebrated professional baseball clubs, the Chicago White Sox has entertained millions of fans. The team has been playing professional baseball for over a century and continues to indulge in riveting baseball games every season. With a pool of exceptionally talented players, the Chicago White Sox will be eyeing another World Series Championship this year. The team will be playing against some of the top baseball clubs at home field as well as other ball parks such as Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Target Stadium and Progressive Field. The fans are eagerly waiting to catch their favorite Sox players live on the field.

Team: Chicago White Sox

Mascot: Southpaw

Major Championships: 5 Division Titles, 6 Pennants, 3 World Championships.


The Beginning and Golden Era
Formed in 1894, the team was initially known as the Sioux City Cornhuskers. The club was a part of Minor League Baseball, competing in the Western League. In 1895, the White Sox moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota, where it played for five years as St. Paul Saints. In 1900, the team relocated to Chicago and became a major league franchise within a year. The franchise was rebranded as White Stockings, which was officially shortened to White Sox in 1903. In 1901, the team had its first major victory when it bagged the ‘American League Pennant'. 
The Chicago White Sox enjoyed immense success during the first two decades of its inception. During this time, the Sox bagged two ‘World Series Championships', first in 1906 and later in 1917. They also won two more ‘American League Pennants' during the 1906 and 1917 World Series. The team was dubbed as the ‘Hitless Wonders' during the 1906 World Series as the Sox focused heavily on defense tactics, which eventually led them to the ‘World Championship'. The 1917 World Series was led by legendary Sox players like Shoeless Joe Jackson, Eddie Collins and Eddie Cicotte. After the end of the Sox's Golden Era, the team went through an eight-decade-long dry spell before finally clenching another World Series title.
As part of the America League, the Sox won their first ‘AL Pennant' in 1901. Since then they have bagged a total of six ‘AL Pennants', most recently in 2005.
The team has also bagged five ‘Divisional Titles'. They won their first two ‘Divisional Titles' in 1983 and 1993 while playing in the Western Division of the league. In 1994, the team became a part of the Central Division and won three more ‘Divisional Titles' in 2000, 2005 and 2008.
The Sox have won three ‘World Series Championships'. The first two championships came in 1906 and 1917. After almost eighty-eight years, the team managed to repeat its earlier success and grabbed the ‘World Series Title' for the third time in 2005 after beating Houston Astros.
Live Home Games
The Sox's home games are renowned for the vibrant energy and exhilarating aura. The team has been playing its home games at the U.S Cellular Field since 1991. Located in Chicago, the baseball park opened in 1991 and has since then hosted major baseball matches. The stadium has a capacity of more than forty thousand people. The White Sox will be playing a series of exciting baseball matches at the arena this season. The Sox will take on rivals like Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and Kansas City Royals at the U.S Cellular Field. Like always, the Chicago White Sox tickets are expected to run out as soon as they become available. So make sure to witness the Sox live, as they once again gear up for another exiting baseball season.

Major Honors Won by White Sox Players


  1. 4 Sox players have been awarded the ‘MLB Most Valuable Player Award', including two consecutive wins by Frank Thomas in 1993 and 1994.


  1. 5 Sox Managers have been honored with the ‘MLB Manager of the Year Award'.


  1. 31 Sox players have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


  1. In 2005, Jermaine Dye became the first White Sox player to win the ‘Babe Ruth Award'.


  1. Jermaine Dye was also awarded the ‘World Series Most Value Player Award' in 2005.