Baltimore Orioles Tickets

Baltimore Orioles recently had a convincing win over Texas Rangers. This has been very encouraging for both the team and its fans. With the upcoming games, the Rangers will give their opponents a hard time. These exciting games will be taking place at Oriole Park, Camden Yards and fans from all over are flying in to see whether all the predictions made about the team will prove to be right or not.

Team name: Baltimore Orioles

Team colors: black, white and orange

Team owner: Peter Angelos

Orioles History

Baltimore Orioles is a professional baseball franchise of Major League Baseball and plays in the Eastern Division of American League.  It is one of the charter members of AL when it was formed in 1901. The team was Milwaukee Brewers in its first year of play after which it moved to St. Louis and became St. Louis Browns. The team spent around 52 turbulent years in St. Louis before making another move, this time to Baltimore.

Height of Glory

Glory years for Baltimore Orioles started in the 1960s where a selection of highly talented players and coaches set the ground for two decades of success on the field. Orioles won in eighteen seasons straight in the period of 1968-1985 which rendered Orioles one of the most successful teams in baseball and an object to be envied in the league.  Mid-1990s was also another successful period for the team. During this whole era, Orioles pocketed 8 Division Championships, 3 World Series Championships, 6 pennants, 2 wild card berths and 5 awards for the Most Valuable Player.

However, it was not always all smooth for Baltimore Orioles. There came a phase of 14 continuous losing seasons (1998-2011). But Orioles were never the ones to back down. They stood up once again, played the “Oriole Way” and nailed it in the 2012 season, qualifying for postseason after the draught since 1997. With that, sales for Baltimore Orioles tickets soared like they used to back in the glory days and Camden Yards began to fill up with fans cheering for their favorite team once again.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Constructed to replace Memorial Stadium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards was opened in 1992 and is one of the most famous MLB ballparks because of its “retro” aspect. Typically known as Camden Yards, the park is also popularly called “Birdland”, “The Yard” and “The House that Cal Built”. The park saw a record attendance on July 10, 2005 when 49,828 people attended a game here.

Oriole Game Experience

Watching a game on television might be fun but it's nothing compared to what it's like being in the stands at Camden Yards. It's dramatic, sizzling and action-packed. Just like their 2012 season, every performance is filled with surprises for fans. Considering what a high-quality roster they have, fans can always expect a thrilling match. There are always more than one matchups that are a must watch in every season of one of the most historic and successful franchises in Major League Baseball. It's heaven for every baseball fan.


More about the O's

  1. Popular nicknames for Baltimore Orioles are the Birds and the O's among others.
  2. Orioles have famous rivalries with New York Yankees and Washington Nationals.
  3. Rex Barney was the most famous PA announcer for Orioles whose voice, with his famous catch phrases, was heard in the stadium for 23 years.
  4. Orioles have a music tradition at their games which includes singing “Oh” like in “The Star-Spangled Banner”, “Thank God I'm a Country Boy” and “Orioles Magic” at the games.
  5. The name Orioles was selected for the team to honor the official state bird of Maryland.