Miami Marlins Tickets

Miami Marlins has been a prominent name amongst fans of baseball in USA for two decades now. The eminent baseball team has its headquarters in the eponymous city of Miami, Florida. Thousands of its loyal fans cheer in unison at its matches against other members of the Major League Baseball. Marlins Park is now widely recognized as a center of entertainment because of the undying zeal and drive exhibited by the team. It seems like members of the Miami Marlins are all set for yet another season rife with some captivating thrill and vigor as well as intense competition against the old rivals. The team is scheduled to play matches in its home ground as well as Citi Field in Flushing and Nationals Park in Washington.


Miami Marlins

Home Park:

Marlins Park

Major Championships:

2 National League Pennants, 2 World Series Titles

Team's History

Originally established as the Florida Marlins by business tycoon Wayne Huizenga in 1991, the team played its first season as a member of the Major League Baseball's East Division in 1993. Rene Lachman became the newly formed team's first manager. The Florida Marlins called Sun Life Stadium its home ground for almost the next two decades. The end of the 1990s proved to be an unfortunate period for the team as its performance began to drop. However, following a series of changes in the membership and structure of the team, things started to look up for the Florida Marlins once again. The year 2002 saw the transfer of ownership to Jeffrey Loria who has maintained it to date. In 2011, the team was rebranded as the Miami Marlins and this change in name was accompanied by a shift in their home ground from Sun Life Stadium to Marlins Park.

The Championships

With regard to winning championship titles, the year 1997 and 2003 proved to be the most fruitful since the team became the ‘World Series Champion' following its qualification to the post-season in both years. One of the players, Livan Hernandez, was also honored as the ‘World Series Most Valued Player' in 1997. Similarly, Josh Beckett was awarded title of ‘MVP' in 2003 while John McKeon was commended as the ‘Manager of the Year'.

The Live Experience

Considering the remarkable success of the Miami Marlins to date, it is not a surprise that it has a reputation for keeping the audience enthralled. Apart from the felicity of the ballers and the swiftness of batsmen, the excitement of the cheerleading squad also plays a significant role in integrating a livelier source of entertainment and mitigating the tension. Every season thousands of Miami Marlins tickets are bought by enthusiastic sports fans from around the country. The audience can make sure to catch the exciting baseball fever this season for a memorable experience.

Did You Know

  1. Eastern Division's New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies are the bitterest rivals of the Marlins.
  1. ‘Marlins Mermaids' hold the distinction of becoming the first cheerleading squad for any member of the Major League Baseball in 2003.
  1. ‘Sun Life Stadium' was also known as ‘Land Shark Stadium', ‘Pro Player Park' and ‘Joe Robbie Stadium' when the Miami Marlins played there as home.
  1. The team is the only one in the Major League Baseball to have won a ‘World Series Championship' whenever it made it to the postseason.
  1. The team is also known by nicknames such as Rainbow Fish and Miracle Marlins.