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The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a few underwhelming seasons recently. They have been trying to get out of the rut they find themselves in and this might be the season when they do that. The star of last season and the league’s Rookie of the Year “Kyrie Irving” is now a year older and a year wiser. He will be joined on the roster by some new faces like “Anthony Bennett.” The coach “Mike Brown” returned to the team a few days after the last regular season ended so he will be looking to take the team forward. All these elements indicate that this is going to be an exciting season.



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Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Number of Division Titles Won: Three

Number of Conference Titles Won: One

Cleveland Cavaliers are a team in transition but they need to make sure they don’t remain stuck in the mire for too long. The longer a team stays there, the harder it gets to bounce back. Management of the team has looked into the situation and has decided to do something about it. The fact that Mike Brown has returned to his old stomping ground is a clear indication of where people behind the scenes want the franchise to go. These are interesting times indeed. The Cavs will need the backing of their fans as well to pull through and will be hoping that maximum number of those supporters buy Cleveland Cavaliers tickets and turn up at the games.


The Beginning

Cleveland Cavaliers first hit the court in the year 1970 after they were incepted as an expansion team. Things didn’t go too well for them in the debut season and the Cavs compiled a 15-67 record over the course of the campaign. Slowly but surely, the situation began to show signs of improvement. The record began to get better and that resulted in Cavaliers posting their first ever winning season in the year 1976. That record was also good enough to take them to the top of the division as regular season champions. The Cavs went on to beat the Bullets in the conference semifinals but fell to the legendary Boston Celtics in the finals.


Title Drought and Arrival of LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers finally had some momentum but they failed to make the most of it. Two more winning seasons were posted in 1977 and 1978 but that was it. They didn’t win any titles in those two seasons. Their form began to fall apart. It was not until 1987-1988 season that they once again managed to record a winning season and made it to the playoffs. The same happened in the next two seasons but in all of those three seasons they couldn’t go past the first round.


The same thing happened for the next few seasons as well. They posted winning seasons while also putting on board some losing records. There was not a lot of consistency to their play. In 2003, the Cavs signed a certain “LeBron James” and things began to look up again. His arrival was the start of a new era for the Cavs and they started to improve. 2006-2007 saw them post a .610 record for the second straight season. In postseason they beat Wizards in the first round, Nets in the second round and Pistons in the finals to win their first conference title. The Cavs would carry that form forward and lifted back-to-back division championships in 2009 and 2010.


LeBron Departure till Now

LeBron James then left the Cavs and signed for Miami Heat after winning the division title in 2010, the last of the team’s three titles. Their on-court record hasn’t been too good but there still are signs that things are moving in the right direction. The signing of “Kyrie Irving” and the return of “Mike Brown” both are steps in the right direction. The latest season has a lot of intrigue surrounding it which will make for a highly entertaining journey.

Did You Know?

  • LeBron is the Cavs leading scorer of all time.
  • Their home arena, the Quicken Loans Arena was constructed by an estimated cost of one hundred million dollars.
  • The arena covers a seven hundred and fifty thousand square feet area.
  • Quicken Loans Arena is so big that fifty three million basketballs will be needed to fill it.
  • Creating an ice rink at the arena for figure skating and hockey events takes up to twenty two hours.