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Filled with new zest and fervor after their restructuring, Jazz is looking forward to a great preseason. The team has long made its mark as part of the Northwest Division of NBA. High in spirit, Jazz are among the most promising players of this season’s games. With the announcement of the final roster and their preseason schedule, fans will be seeing the new squad in Jazz’s annual challenge at the Energy Solutions Arena this October. So gear up and join your favorite team in their upcoming sessions!


Utah Jazz




Division (8), Conference (2)

Early Period


Jazz began playing in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1974 and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979. Though a strong team since the beginning, it took a while for them to find their footing. Jazz made their first playoff appearance in 1984 and won the Division title by playing extraordinarily well. Two of the team members, Karl Malone and John Stockton, emerged as one of the most energetic duos and got the team on the right track.  


In 1989, Jazz racked up their second Division title and became one of the most competent teams in the country. Under the leadership of their new coach Frank Layden, Jazz ranked among the powerhouse squads of the 90s.





The next decade proved to be extremely favorable for the team as they made regular playoff appearances and landed at the finals of the NBA twice. Pumped up because of their past successes and future prospects, Jazz practiced harder and performed well in their trials. Before mid-1990, the team had one more Division title to its name. Late 1990s brought more success and the team went head to head with some of the strongest rivals.


1997 marked a new era in the team’s history as they won the Division and the Conference titles twice. Jazz reached the NBA finals for the first time by defeating Angeles Clippers. The epic battle began between the teams and eventually Jazz lost to the Bulls. The next year proved to be equally interesting as they repeated the record and booked both the titles once again. This remarkable victory established Jazz as one of the most reputable names in the business.


Playoff Appearances


The 2000s started with another victory as Jazz won their sixth Division championship. With regular playoff appearances, the team faced their rivals in the preseason but performed poorly in the finals. By 2003, two of the Jazz’s strongest players, Stockton and Malone couldn’t continue with the team. With these players gone, Jazz’s lost their strength but they didn’t let that effect them. Members like Carlos Arroyo and Raja Bell emerged as vital contributors in the next few games and restored the team’s position.


Over the next few years, the team experienced many changes in their roster and players injuries. Jazz got up after their 06-07 season and went on to win two Division titles in 2007 and 2008. This victory was important for the team as they had been having a hard time after 2003.


Restructuring and Recent Sessions


During their 2010-11 season, the team began to restructure their lineup and Tyron Corbin took charge as the new head coach. Under this new visionary force, Jazz made regular playoff appearances and a visible improvement in their performances was seen. Prospects are even better for their current season as Jazz are giving a tough time to their opponents. Fans are hogging Utah Jazz tickets as the new roster will be playing for their Intra-squad game in October. Don’t miss the action as the upcoming seasons promise to be quite entertaining.


Did You Know…

  1. Jazz are the only team from Utah in the ‘Big 4 Sports Leagues’ in the US and Canada.
  2. In 1990, Karl Malone made the record for most points scored by achieving 61 points in a single game.  
  3. Malone and Stockton, one of the team’s toughest duos, are also Basketball Hall of Famers.
  4. One of the Jazz players, Mark Eaton set a record for most blocked shots with 456.
  5. Andrei Kirilenko is a diehard fan of computer gaming.