Seattle Storm Tickets

A true WNBA heavyweight, Seattle Storm seems to be in great shape to win championships and titles this season as well. The franchise kicked off the preseason with a 67-66 win against their long time rival, the Los Angeles Sparks. Continuing with showing great performance, lately Storm has been in news for winning back to back games at its home, the KeyArena. This latest performance of the franchise has led to a high demand for Seattle Storm tickets.

Team Name:

Seattle Storm

Championships Won:

 WNBA Finals 2004, WNBA Finals 2010,


White, Green, Gold and Red


Based in city of Seattle, Seattle Storm is owned jointly by three local business women. With its decade long history, the team has come to have a reputation for putting on an awe-inspiring show on the hard court. Winners of two league titles, the team has gathered a large number of fans. In recognition of its ability, Seattle Storm has also been invited to the White House.


Formation & Early Years:

The team came into being in 2000. Although the franchise had a slow start but it soon started to get noticed for its outstanding performance. Within two years of formation the Storms made their first appearance in the playoffs. Showing outstanding performance the team won the WNBA title in 2004. The same year they made their franchise best record at 20–14.


The Momentum:

Consistently carrying on with outstanding performance the team has been showing great performance on the court. Worth mentioning is the team’s 2010 season when they went on to make an impressive record of twenty eight wins and six losses for the season. Winning all of the seventeen games at the KeyArena they ended the season with a perfect 17–0 for home games. The franchise also went on to win the Conference and Championship titles that year. Next two years saw the team finishing in the top five teams in the West Conference.


Notable Athletes:


Seattle Storm has had several noted players on its roster. These include Betty Lennox who has had the distinction of being named Most Valued Player while on the team’s roster. Not to forget Lauren Jackson who among other honors has been on the WNBA All Star team an impressive seven times. She also has the distinction of being named the Player of the Month thrice and Player of the Week five times in the Western Conference. Also worth mentioning is Sue Bird who has won two WNBA Championships, an NCAA Championship and also an Olympic Gold Medal. Winning all these titles is a feat achieved by only a handful of women athletes so far.

The team has had several noted coaches as well. These include Anne Donovan who led the team to a win in 2004. She made league history as the first ever female coach of the winning team. The team’s present coach Brain Agler showing outstanding performance has also been named ‘Coach of the Year.’


Did you know?

  1. Seattle Storm has qualified for playoffs eight times
  2. They have been ranked in the first round for five seasons straight
  3. Winning all of the 17 home games in 2010, the franchise made league history for winning the most home games
  4. In its twelve year history Seattle Storm has made it to conference semifinals for ten years
  5. The team uses AC/DC's song Thunderstruck as a theme song of its home games.