Uconn Huskies Tickets

The Connecticut Huskies, also known as the UConn Huskies, are among the most famous athletic programs in the country. From the time University of Connecticut’s teams began to play to this day and age, they have won all that there is to be won in all various sports they compete in. Their impressive record ranks them among the elite and with the current season now underway, this is their chance to take another step towards greatness. The fans are certainly up for what promises to be another humdinger of a campaign with plenty of highs and lows to offer.

Program Name:

Connecticut Huskies


University of Connecticut

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I

The UConn Huskies are out to solidify their place in the upper ranks of athletics in the country. For well over a century, their teams have been among the best that there have ever been and that is what sets them apart from the rest. The Huskies have been forever synonymous with all that is great about collegiate level sports in the country. The new season has all the ingredients of being another epic journey and that has got fans buying to be a part of this exciting campaign.


The UConn Huskies first football team took to the football field way back in the year 1896. The football program has since gone on to win the conference title on twenty six occasions. Their record on the field is just short of the .500 mark. The Huskies have also made it to a total of five bowl appearances; winning three and losing two. Their first team All-American total is nine and a total of forty six Huskies have gone on to ply their trade in the NFL.

Field Hockey

The UConn Huskies have been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to field hockey. They have made it to the NCAA Tournament on nineteen occasions. They have also gone on to produce forty six All-Americans and two Olympians over the years. They have also been crowned regular season Big East champions twelve times and have gone on to lift the national championship twice. They have won the Big East Conference Tournament a dozen times to cement their place right up there among the best in the business.


Baseball has also been one of their fortes. They have in total made it to the NCAA Tournament forty eight times. They have been crowned Big East regular season conference champions once in the year 2011 and won the last of their three conference tournament titles in 2012-2013 season. Five seasons have ended with appearances in the College World Series. Huskies have also produced fourteen All-Americans and two Olympians.


The Huskies basketball program has witnessed a lot of success as well. Men have gone on to clinch the regular season conference title on a whopping twenty eight occasions. They have also won the conference tournament seven times. Huskies have made it to the NCAA Tournament on thirty one occasions and have been crowned national champions thrice.

As far as women’s basketball program goes, Huskies have seen a lot of success in that as well. Since the year 1989, they have gone on to lift the regular season conference championship nineteen times and have won the conference tournament on eighteen occasions. Huskies women’s basketball program has also clinched the national championship eight times.


The UConn Huskies have won a grand total of fifteen national championships in different sports. They have also produced a lot of immensely talented players in individual sports to cement their place among the most prestigious of all athletics programs in the country today. The success they have had looks set to continue for the foreseeable future which can only be great news to their fans all around the country.


Did You Know?

  • Their football teams have played their Rhode Island counterparts on more than one hundred occasions.
  • The men’s basketball program has been the number one seed in the NCAA Tournament on five occasions.
  • Their baseball team won forty eight games in the year 2010, the most they have won in a regular season.
  • Their men’s basketball program recorded thirty four wins in 1999, a Huskies record.
  • Their women’s basketball program has produced four unbeaten seasons.