Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets

Toronto Maple Leafs has a firm standing in the history of the NHL. After a lean patch lasting seven seasons, the talented franchise made a return to the playoffs last season. This year with an improved roster they seem in good shape to replicate last season’s impressive performance.

One of the original six founding teams of the NHL, the franchise is a major crowd puller. Although they have been struggling on the performance front for the past few years but that has failed to decrease their fan following. Toronto Maple Leafs tickets have always remained in high demand and fans have extended full sport to their team by gathering to cheer them at live games. Such is the demand for their tickets that in the last decade all of the team’s home games were sold out in advance. 



Toronto Maple Leafs


Blue and White


Carlton, the Bear


The Toronto Maple Leafs was founded in 1917 under the name Toronto. Hitting their stride right away they won the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season. However they made the record of the worst ever winning percentage in the league the following year. Financial issues added to the team’s troubles and it was sold in 1919. New ownership brought a new name for the team as well and they came to be known as the Toronto St. Patricks.

Under the new name the team showed significant improvement in performance and went on to win the Stanley Cup again in 1922.  Although making its mark on the ice rink, the team faced financial problems and as a result was sold again in 1927. With the new sale the team’s name was changed to Toronto Maple Leafs.


Over the years Toronto Maple Leafs has won the prestigious Stanley Cup thirteen times. Out of these, they won the title for four seasons in a row between 1944 and 1949. The team has also won five Division Championships. Other trophies won by the team include nine O'Brien Cups and two Prince of Wales trophies. A strong contender, the team has shown great performance time and again and has been ranked among the top franchises in the sport. The Leafs have made several records as well. These include the impressive NHL record of ten points in a single game in 1976.


In its over nine decades long history, Toronto Maple Leafs has formed several rivalries. Most famous of these is the one with the Montreal Canadiens. One of the oldest rivalries in the history of the sport, it started the same year the Leafs was formed. Since then, the two teams have faced each other six times in the Stanley Cup finals. Out of these the Leafs have claimed victory over the Canadiens four times. Toronto Maple Leafs has another strong rivalry with the Detroit Red Wings. Dating back to the early twenties, the rivalry has grown intense over the years. Presently both teams compete in the same division.


Did You Know…

  • Toronto Maple Leafs is the most valuable franchise in the league. 
  • They are one of the six founding members of the NHL.
  • Maple Leaf Gardens, previous home to the franchise was sold out for each of their matches since 1946 till they moved in 1999.
  • The team’s jersey is the one of the top selling jerseys in the history of the league.
  • The team has a number of players inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame