Tennessee Volunteers Tickets

The Tennessee Volunteers will be looking to make their mark on the NCAA once again. The arrival of Dave Hart as the program’s first ever athletics director in the year 2011 was an attempt to bring both men and women programs together and give them a proper direction. It is still too early to judge how successful that really has been but there are signs that things are improving. Another year or two down the line will be a good time judge the progress, till then the business will need to go on.


Team: Tennessee Volunteers

Institution: University of Tennessee

Competition: NCAA Division I

The Tennessee Volunteers have historically been a really successful athletics program. They have claimed multiple conference and national titles in various sports over the course of their history to rank among the most prestigious of all athletics programs. The latest season will provide them with another opportunity to stamp their authority on the division and show the world they aren’t about to let their standards slip. This is the time to show that the arrival of one athletic director will take them even higher. Expectations are high and nothing shows that better than the number of Tennessee Volunteers tickets already being sold in huge numbers.


The Tennessee Volunteers football goes all the way back to the year 1891. It has provided fans with a lot of great moments over the years. In football, the Volunteers have managed to win sixteen conference titles. They have also lifted nine national championships to cement their place right up there among the best. Volunteers have also produced 38 Consensus All-Americans on the way to headline an impressive 49 bowl games. Their football team plays its home games at the imposing Newland Stadium that can play host to a whopping 102,455 people at a time. The Volunteers have won well over 430 games at their home turf, which is a formidable record.


In baseball, the Tennessee Volunteers have been crowned conference champions on three occasions. They have also won the conference tournament thrice. The Volunteers have gone all the way to take part in the CWC four times as well but have come up short every time.


Basketball has been one of Volunteers most favorable sports. Men’s and women’s teams have combined to win 26 conference titles and 17 tournaments. On top of that, the women have also gone on to get their hands on the national title eight times making them one of the strongest programs of all time.

Track & Field Men and Women

The Tennessee Volunteers have been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to track & field. Men have gone on to get their hands on 18 indoor and 25 outdoor titles. As far as women go, they have won both the indoor as well as the outdoor title four times each. Men have also gone on to clinch the outdoor national title thrice and the indoor once. Women on the other hand have won two indoor national crowns and one outdoor championship.

Other Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers haven’t been novices in other sports either. Men and women cross country teams have in total won thirty conference titles. Men also have one national championship to show for their efforts over the years. Swimming and diving has brought one national title and ten conference crowns for the men. Tennis has seen them lift nine regular season championships and three tournaments titles.

The Volunteers have left a trail of success behind them for well over a century now. They have been there and thereabout in a lot of sports. They have been formidable opponents for everyone that has faced them and it won’t be any different this time around as well.




Did You Know?

  • The football program of Tennessee Volunteers is ranked among the top ten of all time in terms of win-loss ratio.
  • Volunteers have won a total of one hundred and forty seven conference titles and twenty three national crowns in various sports.
  • Their orange and white kit color was selected by Charles Moore who was a player of the Volunteers first ever football side.
  • The Neyland Stadium is the third biggest in the country.
  • The largest crowd to watch a football game at the Newland Stadium is one hundred nine thousand and sixty one.