Tennessee Titans Tickets

An established name in NFL, Tennessee Titans has come to be a force to reckon with. With skilled players signed on this year's roster the team surely looks ready to outshine rivals in an attempt to add titles to its list of distinctions. Making a comeback is the quarterback Vince Young. Other prominent names in the roster include Nate Washington, Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt. The new squad will kick off the campaign with a preseason game against the Redskins.



Tennessee Titans

Home Ground:

LP Field

Team Colors:

Light Blue, White, Navy, Silver and Red

Over the years, Tennessee Titans have built a reputation for their skills in the sport. The team having a reputation for putting on a mighty fight on the field is among one of the most sought after teams in the sport. Owing to their fame and reputation Tennessee Titans tickets are known to sell fast.


The franchise was found in 1960 as a charter AFL team. Ten years after its formation, the Titans, following the AFL-NFL merger came to be part of National Football League. Originally the team was based in Houston, Texas and was known as Houston Oilers. The move to Tennessee came in 1997. Two years after relocating the team got its present name. The Titans started playing in the Eastern division but later moved to the Central Division in the seventies. Since 2001 they have been playing in the South Division. Showing outstanding performance the team has won titles in all three divisions that they have played in.

Early Years

Starting their inaugural season with Lou Rymkus as the coach, the team made its mark felt right from the start. It finished its inaugural year with 10-4 record. Continuing to show great performance the Tennessee Titans went on to win Division Championships three years in a row. They also shined at League Championships and won two titles within the first three years of their formation.

Later Years

After an initial great start the team did not perform very well in the seventies and the eighties. But the nineties saw the team bounce back into prominence. Regaining their past standing they went on to add more Division Championship and Conference Championship titles to their list of achievements. The Titans did not lose a single home game in 1999. The same years the franchise made it to the Super Bowl but lost to St. Louis Rams.


The team has continued an outstanding performance on the field. Since the turn of the century they have finished regular season thrice in the first opposition. With several adjustments the roster of the team boasts of many skilled players who are sure to take the team ahead. Given their past record and the skills of the present roster, the Titans are surely a team to look out for.


Some Interesting Facts:

  1. Since their move to LP Field every game of the team has been sold out
  2. Tennessee Titans have appeared in the playoffs twenty one times
  3. Except for once, the team has finished all regular seasons among top five teams
  4. The team has won nine Division Championships, out of which three were won consecutively right after its formation.