Syracuse Orange Tickets

Syracuse Orange have been a part of the collegiate athletics for a considerable amount of time now. The program has won quite a few titles both on the conference as well as the national level to cement its place among the most famous in the country. With the new season now underway, this gives Orange teams a chance to add to that legacy. The time for action is now so gear up and watch some of the best athletes around showcase their skills for the world to see.

Athletics Program:

Syracuse Orange

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


Otto the Orange

Syracuse Orange have been a part of the sporting fraternity for well over a century. A glance at history books tell us all that they have achieved over the years and why they are so highly regarded among peers. From Lacrosse to basketball, their teams have been crowned the best in the country and the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. They are backed by a diehard legion of fans who buy to root for the program every step of the way. That is exactly what they are expected to do this time around as well so the idea of watching them live is now even more tempting.


Syracuse Orange have been playing football since the year 1889.  They were crowned national champions for the first and only time till now, in 1959. Football teams have also made it to post bowl games on two dozen occasions. Orange have also produced an impressive forty two Consensus All-Americans. The program went through a bit of a lean patch for a few years before bouncing back in the mid 1990’s. All of their five conference titles have come since 1996, the most recent one being in 2012.


Syracuse Orange have been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to men’s basketball. Since basketball first started to be played by the university, the program has brought home ten regular season conference championships and five conference tournaments.  They have also made it to the last four of the NCAA tournament five times and have won the tournament itself on one occasion.


The Orange’s lacrosse program has undergone resurgence lately. They were strong in the sport when they first began to play it, winning USILA titles three times between 1922 and 1925. The program began to make all the right noises once again in 1980’s and hasn’t looked back since. It all began in 1983 when Orange won the national title for the first time and that triumph opened floodgates. Since then, Syracuse Orange have gone on to be crowned the best in the country on eleven occasions. They have also clinched the regular season conference title and the Conference Tournament twice each.

Other Sports

Syracuse Orange have also gone on to lift national championships in various other sports. In rowing they have gone on to win five national crowns and one world championship. Men’s cross country program has also managed to put one national title in the trophy cabinet. Multiple accolades have also been won in some other sports to put Syracuse Orange among the most prestigious NCAA programs on the circuit today. The time has come for them to get going once again so this a chance for their fans to gear up and join in on all the fun and excitement that the season is about to bring.


Did You Know?

  • Their football stadium, the Carrier Dome tops the list of the biggest domed stadiums located on college campus.
  • It also stands at the top of the list of the biggest domed stadiums in the northeastern part of the country.
  • Their basketball program is fifth on the list of programs with the fifth most number of wins.
  • The basketball program also holds the distinction of being on a run of forty two straight winning campaigns, an NCAA record.
  • Their eleven national titles in lacrosse is an NCAA record post 1971, the year when the association introduced the tournament for the first time.