South Carolina Gamecocks Tickets

Residents of Texas are in for a treat, as the Reed Arena is preparing to become host to a game where collegiate basketball programs from the Texas A&M University and the University of South Carolina will compete against each other. Teams that have recently made their way to the venue include collegiate programs from St. Joseph’s, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Texas Tech. Demand for these games have been astoundingly high and have been able to set record attendances. South Carolina Gamecocks tickets are still expected to sell out within a short period of time. 


South Carolina Gamecocks

Game Type

Regular season basketball playoff


Reed’s Arena

About the Venue

The upcoming game will take place at the Reed Arena which is an entertainment and sports facility located in College Station, Texas. Owned by the Texas A&M University, the venue serves as home grounds to the men’s and women’s basketball varsity program of the university and the women’s volleyball varsity team. Inaugurated in 1998, the Reed Arena cost a whopping amount of thirty six million dollars to construct and provides capacity for approximately thirteen thousand audiences. Apart from volleyball and basketball games, the arena has hosted numerous popular musical events over the years. Artists who have performed here include The Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks and Bill Cosby, to name a few. This time the Reed Arena is inviting sports fanatics to become witness to a game that will bring forth highly successful collegiate teams.

South Carolina Gamecocks: The Challengers

At this game, the South Carolina Gamecocks are going to try their best to defeat the Texas A&M Aggies at the team’s home arena. The basketball team of the University of South Carolina is one of the nineteen sports programs offered at the institution. Part of the Southeastern Conference, the team supports the colors black and garnet. With Frank Martin as the head coach, the Gamecocks have won 3 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Cups, 2 Conference Championships and 7 Conference Regular Season wins. The team has also appeared in a total of 8 NCAA Tournament playoff events. Until the formation of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the basketball team was part of the Southern Conference from 1922 till 1952. From 1953 till 1971, the Gamecocks transferred to the Metro Conference. It again moved onto joining the Southeastern Conference  twenty years later and finally became part of the USA Conference in 2004. The Gamecocks have been a part of the USA Conference ever since. Similar to other varsity sports teams at the University of South Carolina, the basketball program has also produced several qualified players who became Olympic medalists. These include George Rogers and Frank Martin. Some of the Gamecocks fiercest rivalries have been established with basketball teams from Western Kentucky, Florida State, Cincinnati, Louisville, Michigan and Texas. This time the Gamecocks will take on one of these rivals and aim for the big win.

Texas A&M Aggies: The Defenders

The defending team that will play against the Gamecocks is the Texas A&M Aggies, the basketball team from the Texas A&M University. Known to compete in NCAA’s Division I, the Aggies’ are known to support the colors white and maroon at their games. Similar to that of South Carolina Gamecocks’, the Aggies’ have enjoyed a successful career; bagging 3 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Cups, 2 Conference Championships and 11 Conference Regular Season wins. They have also appeared in 12 NCAA Tournament playoff games. With parallel amount of wins, the two teams are expected to present a teeth clenching game, like always. This rivalry has played a major role in increasing the sales of South Carolina Gamecocks tickets over the years and the trend is expected to continue. 


Few Interesting Facts:

  • South Carolina Gamecocks hold five retired players’ jerseys namely Grady Wallace, John Roche, Kevin Joyce, Alex English and BJ McKie.
  • Three players from the South Carolina Gamecocks have been drafted into the National Basketball League that include Renaldo Balkman, Alex English and Mike Dunleavy, Sr.
  • In between 1967 to 1976 the basketball program from the University of South gained national prominence with a record of 205-65.
  • Two players, Carlos Powell and Renaldo Balkman have received the NIT Most Valuable Player Award.
  • During the Dave Odom Era from 2002 to 2008, the team established a season score of 21-10 along with a SEC Eastern Division title win.