San Francisco 49Ers Tickets

San Francisco 49ers has players like QB Colin Kaepernick and they are off to a good start. Football fans still remember San Francisco 49ers near miss in Super Bowl. More determined than ever, 49ers have come back with renewed passion to nail the title, this season. Some games have already been played but there are still plenty of matchups lined up. Each game will be taking 49ers forward towards the high-catch and each is going to be as thrilling as any.

Team Name

San Francisco 49ers

Team Colors

Red and metallic gold

Team Nicknames

The Red and Gold, the Gold Rush and The Niners

49ers History and Record

San Francisco 49ers is a professional football team of National Football League and plays in the West Division of its National Football Conference. It originally was a member of All-American Football Conference, joining NFC on the merger of two.
49ers have seen their good times in 80s and 90s, the period in which it is considered to have assembled some of the best teams ever. When under the ownership of DeBartolo/York families, 49ers enjoyed being one of the greatest NFL dynasties. They won 5 Super Bowl championships in a period of 14 years; 1981 – 1994. These Super Bowl wins were been made possible because of exemplary players and Hall of Famers that include names like Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Joe Perry, O.J. Simpson and Joe Montana. It's the reputation built by these champions that the team is known for even today. This shining Super Bowl record has brought 49ers on second number in winning behind Dallas Cowboys.

49ers Home Stadium

San Francisco 49ers plays their home games at Candlestick Park, known popularly as ‘The Stick' or ‘Candlestick'. Candlestick Park was originally constructed for MLB's San Francisco Giants who used the stadium from 1960 till 2000, then moving to AT&T Park. 49ers came to Candlestick in 1971. The stadium has a seating capacity of 69,732 spectators and is an unusual facility to play games because of being in the way of strong winds from San Francisco Bay. The team is scheduled to move to Levi's Stadium starting in season 2014.

49ers Rivalries

San Francisco 49ers have a major rivalry with St. Louis Rams; that is considered one of the biggest NFL rivalries ever. While the team has developed new rivalries with Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. Also, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are the historic rivals of 49ers. Matches between the rival teams and 49ers are the most exciting one and draws big crowds.

49ers Game Experience

When a 49ers season sets in, the only place fans should be at are the stands of Candlestick Park. One look at the season schedule and fans can find plenty of matchups that they know are going to be intense and would never want to miss on. Every season comes with a lot of hopes of the team making it till the end and even if they do not manage to achieve that, the action-packed, thrilling journey is more than enough to give fans a wonderful time until the next season. Team's roster is filled with explosive playmakers who know how to put up a great game. San Francisco 49ers tickets sell fast as it's a team that has been a popular one in NFL and it has been the case not just for a few years but consistently since the team's beginnings in 1950.

Interesting 49ers Facts

  1. The team's official mascot is a man named ‘Sourdough Sam'.
  2. The cheerleading squad of 49ers is called ‘Gold Rush' and has been entertaining audience at the games since 1983.
  3. A Joe Montana pass to Dwight Clark leading to a winning touchdown is referred to as “The Catch” and is one of the most memorable moments in NFL history.
  4. Dick Nolan, Jim Harbaugh, Lawrence “Buck” Shaw, George Seifert and Bill Walsh are the five greatest 49ers coaches according to Bleacher Report.
  5. The team got its name “49ers” from the gold prospectors who came to North California in the California Gold Rush era.  
  6. 49ers hold the record of never changing its name or city in all of its history and are the oldest in California as a major professional sports club.