Minnesota Vikings Tickets

The 2013 season of the NFL is about to begin and the talented Minnesota Vikings is all set to take on a long list of rivals. The Vikings are scheduled to play in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, East Rutherford, Cincinnati and various other cities. Some of the teams which the Vikings would be playing against include San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers and many others.


Minnesota Vikings



Team Colors:

Gold, Purple, White

Team's History

The Vikings surfaced in the National Football League in 1960 as an expansion franchise. They played their initial season in 1961 and won their first major game on the opening day, defeating the Chicago Bears with a commanding total of 37-13. In 1967, after their new coach Bud Grant came in from the Canadian Football League, the team managed to build a stingy defense which became popular with the name of the “Purple People Eaters”. The team's historic performance in 1969 season rendered a record of 12-2 which remains an NFL record. It was during this time, the late 60s that the Vikings won their first Division title and earned a place in the playoffs. The team remained dominant throughout the 70s and managed to reach five Championship games and won another eight Central Division Championships. In 1986, the team's quarterback Frank Talenton was induced in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The 9's and the New Millennium

In 1990, Jerry Burns took the post of Head Coach of the Vikings and in his tenure extending to 10 seasons, he led the club to one Division Championship, three playoffs and a National Championship game. 1998 was a glorious year for the team, because the Vikings with the help of talented players like Randall Cunningham, Cris Carter, Robert Smith and Randy Moss set a then NFL highest scoring record with 556 points in a season, averaging more than 24 points per game. Last year, the team managed to reach the playoffs for the 27th time in their career with instrumental players like Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen in their side. Peterson was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in his first year as Vikings player and currently he is eyeing to break the all-time rushing yards records of the NFL. Allen on the other hand set an all-time sacking record by a Viking player by successfully recording a total of 22 sacks. He has been a four-time All-Pro and has made it to the Pro-Bowl for five years.


The Vikings were the NFL Champions of 1969, prior to the AFL and NFL merger. The franchise has a total of four Conference Championships and 18 Division titles under its belt. They have 27 playoff appearances and have made it to the Super Bowl four times. Over the years of its existence, the team has produced many Pro Football Hall of Famers including legendary players like Gary Zimmerman, John Randle, Dave Casper, Alan Page and numerous others.


Over the years the Vikings have developed fierce rivalries with several teams in the league. With Minnesota Vikings tickets, football fans can catch the club in its latest games which would only add fire to these rivalries. In the upcoming matches the team would take on the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. The Vikings-Bears rivalry started in 1961 when the former stunned the Bears with a grueling defeat in its opening game. The Detroit Lions have also tussled with the Vikings since their entry in the league. However, recently the Vikings seem to have the upper hand in this bout with a record of 18-2 over the Lions in the 2000s. The Vikings rivalry with the Packers is regarded as the most intense and closely matched among all of NFL rivalries. Both these teams play in the same Northern Division and have fought over the titles since the 60s.

Did You Know…

  1. The Vikings went for 12 straight wins in 1969 season, establishing the best record in NFL of 12-2.
  2. They were the first expansion team to have won the NFL Championship.
  3. The Vikings have 12 team members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  4. Their current mascot, Ragnar the Viking hasn't shaved his beard since he got the job in 1994.
  5. During their home games, the Gjallarhorn is played at exciting moments and flash canons are fired upon touchdowns.