Louisville Cardinals Tickets

The Louisville Cardinals have been a pretty formidable athletics program for years now. They have achieved notable success in multiple sports over the years and that has ranked them among the top programs in the country. Their achievements have been impressive and the Cardinals are still showing no signs of letting their standards slip. They have earned plaudits from every corner and deservedly so. The latest season is now underway and it has given them another chance to solidify their status as an exceptional program. If history is anything to go by then it certainly looks as if they will be going at it full tilt this time around as well.

Name: Louisville Cardinals

Institution: University of Louisville

Competition Level: NCAA Division I

The Louisville Cardinals have been a force to be reckoned with over the years. They have made their presence felt when it comes to intercollegiate sports in a big way. The Cardinals will be looking to add to their impressive legacy this season as well and by the looks of it, this will be another year where they end up winning multiple accolades. Their fans have always been right behind them and nothing sums that up more than the amount of Louisville Cardinals tickets that are sold each year. It has been more of the same this year as their supporters get ready to make their voices heard.


The University of Louisville fielded its first ever football team in the year 1912 and the Cardinals went on to post a 3-1 season on the board in their first attempt. That was the start of a legacy that has now gone on to put the Louisville Cardinals football program among the successful ones in the country.

In football, they have notched up a record that goes above .510 percentage. To do that over such a long period of time takes something special. On top of that, they have also gone on to win eight conference titles and have made seventeen postseason bowl game appearances winning eight out of those.


The Louisville Cardinals have a men’s basketball program that is one of the most successful in history. They have won a whopping twenty two regular season titles in baseball and have also lifted the conference tournament title on eighteen occasions. The Cardinals have also made it to the NCAA Tournament thirty nine times with ten of those resulting with a spot in the Final Four. That is not all, the Louisville Cardinals have also gone on to be crowned NCAA Tournament champions three times to put themselves as one of the biggest basketball success stories at the college level.

As far as the women’s basketball program is concerned, it began proceedings in the year 1975 and has since gone to establish itself as one of the biggest names in the sport. The women have won twelve conference titles and have produced six All-Americans. They have made it to the NCAA Tournament fifteen times over the years.


The Cardinals have enjoyed quite a lot of success in baseball as well over the course of their illustrious history. They have gone on to win the conference title half a dozen times. Four of those have come in the past five years. They also have two conference tournament titles to show for their efforts in 2008 and 2009. Since 2002, the Cardinals baseball program has made it to the NCAA Tournament seven times and to the College World Series twice.

The Louisville Cardinals are out to make their mark once again. They will be looking to end the season in style in order to add a few more successful chapters to what is already a very impressive legacy. They have the potential to reach the top and it looks like they will be doing that soon.


Did You Know?

  • Since 2005, they have gone on to win a total of fifty Big East Conference titles in various sports.
  • Louisville also has the distinction of being the only institution in the country to come out on top in a BCS bowl game, go all the way to the CWC and make it to the women and men basketball tournament’s final four stages in one year.
  • Their men’s basketball program has made it to the Final Four on ten occasions which is sixth on the list of programs with most appearances.
  • Their basketball program’s thirty nine NCAA tournament appearances put them fifth on the list.
  • Tom King was the man who started the football program at Louisville.