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The Kentucky Wildcats are among the oldest athletics programs in the country today. They have been an integral part of the sports landscape since appearing on the scene well over a century ago. They have been there and have done it all. Wildcats have won numerous conference and national titles and have paved the way for a lot of other programs to follow in their footsteps. With the season now underway, they will once again be vying for top spots in more than one sport. Get ready and watch them roar because it’s going to be exciting.

Athletics Program:

Kentucky Wildcats


University of Kentucky


Blue, The Wildcat and Scratch

Kentucky Wildcats have accumulated eleven national titles in various sports and those are besides other conference titles and accolades that have come their way over the course of their illustrious history. The athletics program has really come to the fore and provided countless moments to their fans to experience, enjoy and remember. More of the same is expected this time around as well. Optimism within the team has helped to boost Kentucky Wildcats tickets sales among their fans. They all set to back their teams in what promises to be another very exciting season.


Football and Kentucky Wildcats have had a very special relationship over the years. The university was the first from the South Eastern Conference to start a football program way back in 1881. They have played well over one thousand two hundred games since first stepping on to the football field. During that time, the Wildcats have won two conference titles and have produced ten Consensus All-Americans. They have also been crowned national champions on one occasion. Not only that but they have also headlined fourteen post bowl games.


Men’s basketball has always been one of Wildcats strongest sports. They have been absolutely dominant in the sport to rank alongside the greatest collegiate basketball programs in history. They have been crowned regular season conference champions a staggering forty seven times and have won the conference tournament twenty eight times. They have also won the NCAA championship eight times to solidify their place up there among the greatest of all time.


Baseball has also enjoyed some success as part of the sports that the Kentucky Wildcats play. The program has gone through some winning seasons before 2005 and has a few tournament appearances to show for their efforts. Things started to improve in 2006 when Wildcats managed to get their hands on the conference title for the first time in their history. That triumph put their baseball program on the map and better things are now expected of them in the future.

The Kentucky Wildcats have also won conference and national titles in other sports like women’s basketball, women’s cross country and rifles. There is room for improvement and a lot of effort is being made to ensure the program reaches higher than it has ever gone before. Things are looking up and that makes the next few seasons very special indeed.


Did You Know?

  • The Wildcats have the distinction of appearing in the only Great Lakes Bowl held in 1947.
  • Bob Gain from their football program won the Outland Trophy in 1950 thus becoming the first SEC player to win the accolade.
  • Their basketball program heads the list of teams with the best winning percentage in history of college basketball.
  • The men’s basketball program also holds the record for the most number of wins ever.
  • Their eight basketball titles put them second on the list of programs with most championships won. UCLA is above them with eleven against their name.