Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

After a prolonged winless spell, the Kansas City Chiefs look well on course to make their mark on the sport once again. This a franchise that has won multiple division and league titles over the course of its illustrious history.  The roster has been improved and the season is about to get underway which has reignited hope for Chief fans everywhere. A record setting crowd of four thousand turned up to catch their team being put through their paces on the first day of the preseason training. If this is any indication then it certainly looks as if Kansas City Chiefs tickets will be among the hottest selling in the league.


Kansas City Chiefs


Warpaint and K.C. Wolf

First League Title:


How It All Began
Lamar Hunt developed an interest in buying an NFL team and this was when he watched the Colts and Giants go toe-to-toe in the NFL Championship Game of 1958. Hunt wanted to buy the Chicago Cardinals so he went to talk to the NFL management which led him to the owners of the franchise. They agreed to give him a twenty percent share in the team but Hunt wasn't interested in that.
In 1959, Hunt began to hold meetings with other businessmen to start an entirely new league to compete with the NFL. The new league was formed and named the American Football league in August that year. AFL kicked off proceedings with eight teams under its wings one of them being Dallas Texans which was owned by Lamar Hunt.
Dallas Texans
The AFL played host to its first season in the year 1960. The Dallas Texans franchise didn't take too long to step up to the plate and make their presence felt. A few tweaks here and a few tweaks there really improved a number of things. Those changes worked as treat and Texans went on to lift the division as well as the league title in 1962.
Kansas City Chiefs
Lamar Hunt then decided to move the team to another city and picked Kansas to be that place. The team made its way to its new home and was immediately given a new name, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Municipal Stadium became the Chief's home turf before they moved to their current arena, the Arrowhead Stadium in the year 1971.
The Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their re-location by going all the way to the playoffs on three occasions. They went on to win one division title and two league championships before the decade came to a close. Only one postseason appearance and one division title came throughout that decade. 1980's turned out to be even worse with only one solitary playoff appearance to show for.
1990's till Now
It was the start of 1990's that saw the Kansas City Chiefs rise and get going again. They made it to the playoffs on seven occasions and got their hands on three division crowns.  The first ten years of the next century brought three postseason qualifications that resulted in two more division championships.
Chiefs have been relatively more consistent for the last two decades especially when it comes to competing for the division title. The time has now come for them to take the next step and get their hands on the conference and the Super Bowl as well. With the kind of squad they have now put together, this might be the season to do just that. The four thousand fans that turned up to see their team start preseason preparations and millions around the country certainly seem to think so.

Did You Know……..

  • Abner Haynes was the first Kansas City Chiefs player to rush over one thousand yards.
  • The name, Kansas City Chiefs, was selected through a fan contest.
  • Lamar Hunt, the founder of Kansas City Chiefs came up with the title of Super Bowl for the NFL Championship game.
  • K.C. Wolf was the first NFL mascot ever to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.
  • Lamar Hunt was the first Kansas City Chief to be inducted into the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame.