Buffalo Bills Tickets

Bills are gearing up for the action as the roster of this year's season has been announced. Under the new charismatic leadership of Doug Marrone, Bills are determined to win and have the courage to make their dreams come true. Major teams with whom Bills will be going head to head in the coming months include Colts, Panthers, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Steelers and many others. Experience the ultimate rivalry and rage when the biggest battle begins in the field.

Team: Buffalo Bills

Home Field: Ralph Wilson Stadium Orchard Park, New York

Titles: League (2), Conference (4), Division (10)


Buffalo Bills emerged as a professional football team in 1959 and started competing in 1960 as a founding member of the American Football League. It didn't take them long to make their mark and they won two consecutive League titles in 1964 and 1965. Playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium in New York since 1970, Bills is the NFL's only team that plays within New York as both Jets and Giants' home fields are in New Jersey.

The team stumbled a little during the 70s but got back to the winning ways in the 80s and won many Division championships. The Buffalo Bills also made several playoff appearances during the same period. This was the beginning of a new chapter of success in the team's history.

Golden Era

1990s is marked as a golden era for the team. The team played exceptionally well throughout the decade and got its hands on many trophies. Buffalo Bills won four consecutive AFC titles along with many Division championships. The players of the team were often named as the ‘Player of the Year' during that time. Cookie Gilchrist, O.J. Simpson, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Jim Kelly are some the greatest players that have been associated with the team.

Playoff Drought and Return

By the end of 1990s, the team experienced the longest playoff drought and tried hard to win once again. With the start of the new season and under the leadership of Doug Marrone, things might be looking up this time. Team's potential and morale is on the rise as they are warming up for the NFL season that will be taking place from September to December. Keeping their hopes higher than ever, the team is set to emerge as a champion once again this season. From night practices to rigorous camps, the team is trying hard to make it this time. Fans are extending their support to the team and the Buffalo Bill tickets are high in demand as they want to join the team in their preparations. Join in the fun and cheer your team to victory.


Did You Know…

  1. Bills is the only professional football team that has won four Conference titles in a row.
  2. Billy Buffalo is the official Mascot of the team since 2000 and he is eight feet tall.
  3. Bills is the only football team to play in Super Bowl for four consecutive years.
  4. Buffalo Bills' Running Back O.J. Simpson was the first player to be inducted into Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame and he remained the only one for the following five years.
  5. Bills is one of the only three NFL teams to have official Marching Bands.