Auburn Tigers Tickets


The Auburn Tigers have represented their institution the Auburn University with distinction. The athletics program has gone on to win multiple championships at every level and in more than one sport over the years. The team has put itself right up there among the most famous in the country. With the new season about to get in the thick of things, the time has come for the Tigers to roar and stamp their authority on the NCAA Division I once again.


Team: Auburn Tigers

Institution: Auburn University

Competition Level: NCAA Division I

For well over a century, the Auburn Tigers have been a force to be reckoned with. To win as many national titles as they have, it shows that they must be doing something right. The Tigers are all set to take the latest season by storm. Their fans, like always, are excited to see their team hit the ground running. This is precisely why Auburn Tigers tickets will once again be the talk of the town once again.



The Auburn Tigers have a long and illustrious association with the sport of American Football. The first Tigers football team made their way to the turf way back in the year 1892. That was the start of journey that has resulted in them winning multiple awards and producing legendary players.


The Auburn Tigers football teams over the years have won seven division and eleven conference titles. Their claimed national title haul stands at 2 and the unclaimed figure is 15. The Tigers have made it to the thirty-seven postseason ballgames, winning an impressive twenty-two out of those. They have also produced 3 Heisman winners and 29 consensus All Americans.


Swimming and Diving


The Auburn Tigers swimming and diving program has been immensely successful as well on both men and women fronts. The men’s program has lifted the conference title eighteen times whereas the women’s team has achieved the feat on five occasions. As far as the national title in the sport goes, the Tigers men’s swimming and diving program has managed to lift eight titles whereas the women’s program has managed to win it five times.




The Auburn Tigers have been quite successful in baseball as well. They have gone on to lift half a dozen conference titles and another three conference tournament titles. Not only that,  they have also made it to the NCAA Tournament eighteen times and have also headlined the College World Series on four occasions.




The Tigers men’s basketball program has been crowned conference champions on two occasions and has won the conference tournament once. Women have gone on to lift the conference title and the conference tournament four times each to cement their place as a really good program.


Other Sports


The Auburn Tigers have won nine women’s golf conference titles. The Tigers have also won six cross country conference championships, four men’s outdoor track and field conference titles, three equestrian conference championships and another two golf conference titles for men. Equestrian has also brought their way three national crowns. The Tigers women’s outdoor track and field program has also won one national title.


The Auburn Tigers have won a total of 83 conference titles and 19 national crowns. They have been consistent over the years and the time has now come for them to take the next step and go even further. The Tigers know what it takes to make a strong impression and that is exactly what they will be looking to do this time around as well. Get ready for a special campaign.


Did You Know?

  • Auburn is one of only three schools coached by John Heisman.
  • They are the only Heisman coached football program to produce a Heisman Trophy winner.
  • They made their first bowl appearance way back in the year 1937.
  • Scott Spann Sr was Auburn Tigers first ever national swimming and diving champion.
  • Sixteen Auburn swimmers took part in the 2008 Olympics, which is am Auburn University record.