Arizona Cardinals Tickets

For every Arizona Cardinals fan, the next six weeks are the ones to watch out for. It's the onset of training season and Cardinals are warming up for the 17 afternoon practice games at the University of Phoenix Stadium. All it takes are a few Arizona Cardinals tickets and it's only just the beginning. There is regular season after these trainings that is going to give fans some hard-hitting thrills.

Team Name:

Arizona Cardinals

Team Colors:

Cardinal, black and white

Head Coach:

Bruce Arians

Established in 1898, Arizona Cardinals are the oldest football club in America for running continuously. Member of the National Football League, currently the team is a part of National Football Conference and plays in its Western Division.
The team was formed in Chicago and stayed there until 1960 after which it moved to St. Louis, Missouri. The team moved again; this time to Tempe, Arizona. It played there for 18 years. The moves did not stop here and the team relocated to Glendale in 2006. It is playing there until present.
Cardinals have won two NFL championships; one in 1925 and one in 1947; both in Chicago. After that, the team couldn't win a championship for a long time until they were titled with “the league's longest active championship drought” and the NFL record of losing 700 games. Apart from that, the team has won 6 playoff games and made way to Super Bowl XLIII. Cardinals have also won 4 division titles and 1 conference title.  
Notable Players
Arizona Cardinals have always had an ever-talented roster. Its current one is also the one to have highly professional quarterbacks, linebackers, receivers; a strong offense and a powerful defense.
A numbers of Cardinals have made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Of these, Ernie Nevers, Ollie Matson, Charles Bidwill, Larry Wilson, Jackie Smith and Emmitt Smith are some. A Ring of Honor started with the team's move to University of Phoenix Stadium to honor the greats of Cardinals since the beginning of franchise history. The inductees include Charles Bidwill, Marshall Goldberg, Ollie Matson, Ernie Nevers and Larry Wilson. 
Home Ground
Opening in 2006, University of Phoenix Stadium became a home to Arizona Cardinals and Fiesta Bowl.  The stadium has also hosted Super Bowl and BCS National Championship Games in previous years and is set to host them in coming years as well. The 2011 BCS National Championship Game saw a record attendance of 78,603 in the stadium.
Located next to Arena, the stadium is one of the most advanced in terms of architecture. A natural glass retractable grass surface can move to the exterior of the arena to turn into an outdoor facility and is the first of its kind. Previously, Cardinals have played in Sun Devil Stadium, Busch Memorial Stadium and Metropolitan Stadium among others.
The Cardinals Experience
Every season of Arizona Cardinals is spectacular. The runs and the catches is what make their game thrilling. It's also the experience of watching the game from the stands of a state-of-the-art facility that makes a Cards game totally worth it. They say Cardinals have got a bunch of best athletes in the football world and fans get to see it in real from the stands. The Cards need to push it a little more to end their draught but their games are exciting nevertheless. And from the looks of team's performance in the past seasons, it can be said that they will soon be back to winning ways.


More about Cardinals


  1. Arizona Cardinals are known as The Birds, The Cards, Bird Gang, Cardiac Cards, The Buzzsaw and Big Red in media and among fans.
  2. The team is one of the two charter members of NFL that is still in operation. The other one is Chicago Bears.  
  3. The Cardinals conducted their trainings in Flagstaff but moved to University of Phoenix Stadium in 2013.
  4. From 1989 to 1998, ten home openers in a row were hosted as Sunday Night Football games because of high temperature in Phoenix.
  5. A number of times while playing with Dallas Cowboys, Cardinals would wear white jerseys in order to force Cowboys to wear blue jerseys which were supposed to be jinxed. They left the practice since moving to Glendale.