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Often named as the best band for children, The Wiggles’ music is full of educational elements and fun. Combining bits of nursery rhymes with exciting pieces of pop and rock, the band prepares their songs that are loved by kids and families. With the release of their brand new album and lineup changes, Wiggles have kicked off a tour in the US and Canada. Catch your favorite Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Captain Feathersword and Henry the Octopus along with their amazing new numbers! 

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Artist: The Wiggles

Genre: Children’s Music

Hit Songs: A Froggy He Would a Wooing-Go, Big Red Car, Hot Potato

The Wiggles Come to the World

The birth of Wiggles took place in 1991. The original members of the band included Greg Page, Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Philip Wilcher. Fatt and Field’s music background as part of the band The Cockroaches served as the backbone for the group. On the other hand, Cook and Page’s experience in early children education brought in the learning aspect to their music. These two fields merged together to create songs for the kids that both educated and entertained the preschoolers.


The band’s first self-titled album marked a major shift in the children’s entertainment. Most of the songs were inspired from The Cockroaches’ songs and were made appropriate for the kids with changes in titles, lyrics and music. To give them a juvenile touch, the band members recorded videos of their songs with children wearing colorful costumes.


Peaking Success

Their first album turned out to be a massive hit with the kids and made them a highly likeable music group.  The following album Here Comes a Song featured more new tunes and received even warmer reception from the listeners. The Wiggles’ 1994 album Yummy Yummy opened their music to the masses and families.


This was followed by a number of new albums and home-made videos that made them very popular among their fans. Besides recording, the band also headed to New Zealand and Australia for a streak of live concerts. The Wiggles tickets sales rolled up to astonishing numbers and their shows were attended by hundreds. This massive success continued with the release of 1997 The Wiggles Movie, which introduced them to people of all ages.


Lineup Changes and Recent Actions

The start of the new century brought many successful events as well as challenges for the band. One of the founding members and lead vocalist of the band, Greg Page left the band due to health concerns in 2006. He was replaced by Sam Moran which led to the change in the band’s sound. But this venture proved to be promising for The Wiggles and the group kept on producing effective music in the coming years.


With the start of 2012, Page reunited with the band but by the mid of the year, Page, Cook and Field announced their official retirement from the group. Their departure made way for the current lineup that includes Emma Watkins, the very first female Wiggle, Simon Pryce and Lachlan Gillespie. These new members reinvented the band’s music repertoire with their creative energies. Combining their talents, they released the latest album which they named as Pumpkin Face. The group is also touring the US and Canada with their new shows.


Get Ready to Wiggle

The band welcomes all their fans to enjoy their fresh live concert series during their Take Off Tour. The inventive arrangement of live musical routines and songs will have you dancing and clapping along. Wiggle to your favorite ones and enjoy this lovely event with your family and friends.


Did You Know…

  1. The Wiggles have been named as the “World’s biggest preschool band”.
  2. In 2009, Business Review Weekly termed them as the highest-earning Australian performers for four consecutive years.
  3. The Wiggles have received 17 Gold, 12 Platinum and 10 Multi-Platinum awards for their sales.
  4. Their show is Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s most popular preschool show.
  5.  The Wiggles have their franchised sections in various amusement parks in the US and Australia.