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Based on the famous television show of the same name, Sesame Street Live has been an immensely successful live theater act, which tours all over the world to bring the magic of Sesame Street to the stage. The show has made kids and youngsters all over the world sing and dance along with their favorite on screen characters and left them begging for more. Immensely popular in the United States, the show has played in front of sold out audiences, in almost all the major cities of the country. So buy your Sesame Street Live tickets as soon as possible and allow your children to experience the magic of the television show live.

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Produced by

VEE Corporation

Sesame Street can be called the quintessential children program. Offering an almost perfect blend of entertainment and education, the show has endured for 43 seasons, with more than four thousand episodes. The live show builds on the same values that the show offers, but presents it with a more personal touch.



A brainchild of the famous VEE Corporation, the show was first staged in 1980 at the Met Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The title of the first show was "A Sesame Street Mystery: the Case of the Missing Rara Avis”. Since then it gained massive popularity and became a regular touring show. Moving from city to city all over America, the show generally has a touring schedule that is eight or ten months long which ends in the spring and resumes in the late summer.


As of 2013, twenty eight Sesame Street Live shows have been produced and staged across the world. These include “Big Bird Goes Hollywood”, “Big Bird & the ABCs”, “When I Grow Up”, “Everyone Makes Music”, “When Elmo Grows Up”, “Can't Stop Singing” and “Make a New Friend” among others. The show generally takes a break of three to four years from one city, since the target audience of children below ten, usually grows up. They come back with a new show and new story lines to keep the magic alive and ensure that people get to see some new content every time. Currently the show is the longest running stage tour for children.


What the Show Offers

Targeted specifically at the 2-10 year old age group, the show allows the kids to enjoy their favorite on screen characters in a more “lively” manner, as they come to life in front of them. The characters sing, dance and interact with the audience members, allowing the kids to actually transcend reality and be a part of the Sesame Street universe for the duration of the show. Complimented by wonderful music, the live act features original songs mashed up with old ones from the television show, with professional dancers performing live as the costumed characters.


Why You Should Come?

Just like the television show, the live act also has educational undertones. Mixed quite wonderfully with the entertainment aspect, the characters communicate educational knowledge to the kids amidst all the singing and dancing. Furthermore, a very interesting feature of the act is when the characters interact with the children and ask them questions and take their help. This is a brilliant way to keep them involved in the show, whilst also making them apply themselves.  


According to the show “Every Sesame Street Live production features an original storyline chock full of educational building blocks ranging from math to the alphabet to being healthy -- as well as emotional and behavioral teaching moments such as getting along with others, mutual respect and understanding.” So for all the parents out there, buy your Sesame Street Live tickets now because this show offers the perfect blend of educational and entertainment values, ensuring that the kids get exactly what you want for them.

Five Things about the Show You Probably Didn't Know

  1. It was in 2009 that the company reached its 100th tour landmark.
  2. In honor of VEE's 30th anniversary, the Mayor of Minneapolis announced January 13, 2010 Sesame Street Live Day.
  3. In one season alone, each tour travels almost 20,000 miles which is equal to crossing the country six times.
  4. The feathers for Big Bird are made from 4,000 custom-dyed turkey feathers which are hand sewn to a yellow piece of organdy fabric.
  5. Generally a tour has almost 28 people in total which includes seventeen performers, eight crew members, an assistant company manager, a company manager and a performance director.