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There are not many theatre plays that truly transport their audiences into a world of magic and fantasy. However, the production ‘Pinkalicious’ is certain to do that. The musical is a full fledge Emerald City experience with a perfect blend of fantasy, excitement and surprise. Based on the popular book by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann, Pinkalicious brings to life a wonderful story of a little girl obsessed with the “pink” color. The play has scheduled upcoming performances in several cities including Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Syracuse among others. Pinkalicious tickets are selling out fast as even the grownups are excited to see what this fairytale play has in store.

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Run Time:

55 minutes

Describing a young girl’s passion for pink and her dream of making her entire world pink, the Broadway Musical ‘Pinkalicious’ is a quite unique production. Where at one hand it is absolutely entertaining with its magical scenes and interesting storyline, it also beautifully teaches the importance of moderation and restraint. The musical is as entertaining for elders as it is for kids and is also a great way to spend quality family time.

Let’s meet the Pinkalicious People

The team of characters for this one-of-its-kind story includes the protagonist Pinkalicious- a vibrant little girl who loves the color pink and has a passion for eating pink cupcakes. Her brother Peter loves to eat broccoli and gets annoyed by all the attention that his sister receives. Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton, Pinkalicious’s pink-phobic father and busy mother wonder about her predicament. Finally there is Alison, Pinkalicious’s best friend who is equally enthusiastic about pink. Birds, Bees and Butterflies are other characters that are gorgeous elements in the incredible music. One needs to see all these live on stage to truly appreciate their role in the story.


Pinkalicious loves pink. She wants everything in her world to be pink and it is her dream to radiate pink. One day she overindulges in her favorite pink cupcakes and next morning she wakes up to find that she has turned all pink. Her parents take her to the doctor who diagnose her with the disease pinkititis. Pinkalicious, despite the doctor’s warning eats another cupcake which not only turns her red but gives her the pink eye pinkititis as well. Now she can see everything in pink color only. Even outside her home, she is attacked by birds who mistake her for a flower and her best friend is also unable to recognize her.

Finally, Pinkalicious learns the importance of being moderate and to be careful for what she wishes. How the story progresses and how Pinkalicious and her family deals with the changing circumstances is for the audiences to see themselves. The fantasy tale however is fascinating enough to keep the adults and children absorbed throughout.

The Creative Minds

The illustrator and author Victoria Kann has written this incredible story in a picture book series. Her effervescent and whimsical style of delivering a story has earned her many awards and much fan following. She has written several other books, all belonging to the same fairytale, fantasy genre but always with a touch of teaching a lesson in an interesting way. Where at one hand her magic sprinkle makes her work interesting to children, her style of building curiosity and ending on a moral note makes her popular among adults.

The book and lyrics for the play are by Elizabeth Kann. Interestingly she is a doctor and has yet to see an actual case of pinkititis. She co-authored the book with her sister Victoria and had her work published in several well known newspapers and magazines. John Gregor is the man behind music and lyrics for the play and his work speaks for itself. The trio has indeed come up with a worth watching play and audiences will certainly be delighted to watch it.


More about the Pink Mania

  • The musical is in its fifth year of Off-Broadway running as well as touring.
  • In some performances the play also include a piano-vocal score.
  • Pinkalicious is a single act play but involves a profound message to realize the significance of moderation and self-control.
  • The character of Pinkalicious is inspired by the author's real life daughter with vibrant imagination and fondness for pink color and cupcakes.
  • The play is suitable for ages four and above.