Once Tickets

Nominated for a Tony Award eleven times, the musical Once proved to be a sensation when it opened on Broadway. It is based on the Irish musical film of the same name which was both a commercial and critical success. Following in the success of the film the musical has also charmed the crowds with it's gripping tale of lost love.

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Once The Musical

Running Time:

2hours and 25 mins

Major Awards:

8 Tony Awards, 3 Drama Desk Awards, New York Drama Critics' Circle Award and a Grammy Award

While still proving to be a success at the Broadway the musical has generated rave reviews at its opening at the West End as well. Owing to the popularity of the show it is also touring across North America. Other than commercial success, the musical has also attained further critical acclaim. The production recently added a prestigious Grammy to it's long list of awards. Owing to the rising popularity of the musical Once tickets are selling fast.

Production History:

The musical's premiere was held at the New York Theatre Workshop in December 2011. After receiving positive reviews it moved on to make it's Broadway debut in March 2012. It proved to be a mega hit and went on to win four different awards in the ‘Best Musical' category. Having a minimalistic stage, the set consisted entirely of a bar with chairs lining both sides. Interestingly during the interval the bar was accessible by audiences for refreshments. A unique concept in scenic design, it won a Tony award for its designer Bob Crowley. A major crowd puller is the charm of the musical is more than its innovative stage. The production is a marvel excelling in music, acting and theatrical creativity.

Story Line And Themes:

Central character in the musical is Guy, a street musician who is dejected because he has been deserted by the girl he loves. Crushed by the pain of his heartache he is about to give up on music and let go of his dream of making it big. As he performs for the last time his song finds him a fan, a girl who also happens to be a musician. She successfully motivates him to pursue his dream. Both of these characters are brought together by their love of music soon fall for each other. The production is a celebration of music which explores the universal theme of love, following inspirations and fulfilling dreams. These themes are delightfully depicted in the musical through powerful lyrics, music composition and soulful singing and acting by the cast.


The unique thing about the production is this that the actors in addition to performing also play their own musical instruments. Music and lyrics for the musical are the combined effort of Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, the original stars of the film. Together they have created a soundtrack full off emotion that has won wide acclaim. The musical's song Falling Slowly, which was also featured in the film, has won an Academy Award. Other popular songs in the stage production include Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy, When Your Mind's Made Up, The North Strand and Abandoned in Bandon. Emotive and catchy, these songs are extremely popular with the audiences.


Interesting Facts:

  1. Cast of the musical has performed as part of entertainment on the TV show America's Got Talent
  2. The production earned back it's five and a half million dollar production cost within six months of opening
  3. Members of the cast were featured on the CBS coverage of 86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  4. Cast of the musical doubling as the orchestra for the show has won a Tony Award in the ‘Best Orchestrations' category