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Maryland Terrapins have been representing the University of Maryland with distinction over the years. They have won multiple championships in different sports to put themselves among the group of successful athletics programs. Terrapins have been there and have done it all over the years which make them a program to look out for. The new season is now underway and this gives them the chance to cement their status even further. They have what it takes to win and that is exactly what is needed to reach the top in the division. It will be another interesting campaign, one that Terrapins fans just can’t afford to miss out on.

Athletics Program:

Maryland Terrapins

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


University of Maryland

Maryland Terrapins are all set to make their mark on intercollegiate sports once again in the current season. For well over a century, teams representing this historic program have gone on to write their names in history books because of all that they have achieved. They will be looking to do just that this time around as well. The support they get from their fans will count for a lot in their journey to the top. That’s because they are the backbone that gets every sports team going. The sale of Maryland Terrapins tickets in huge numbers indicates that the program will be supported to the hilt this time around as well.


Football at the university traces its roots back to well over a century, to the year 1892. The football team played three games in their inaugural season but came up short in each of those games. It wasn’t the kind of start they were hoping for but they turned things around spectacularly the next year by winning all six of their games during that campaign. That was the start of a legacy that has made Terrapins one of the most respected football programs in the country today.


The Terps have since gone on to compile an overall record of more than .520 which is quite impressive considering they have been a part of the football fraternity for such a long time. They have also produced eleven Consensus All-Americans and have lifted eleven conference titles as well. The Terrapins have also got their hands on two national championships over the course of their illustrious history. They have made it to postseason bowl games two dozen times, winning eleven of those to make a lasting impression on football.


Basketball programs for both men and women have been relatively successful over the years as compared to other sports programs. Men have gone on to be crowned regular season conference champions on six occasions while lifting the conference tournament four times. They have also made it to the NCAA Tournament twenty four times and have won it once.

As far as women’s Terps basketball program goes, it hasn’t fared too badly either. They have got their hands on the regular season conference title five times while winning the conference tournament on another ten occasions. Not only that, but women have also qualified for the NCAA/AIAW Tournament twenty five times on their way to winning it once.


Lacrosse is one of America’s oldest sports and it is one that the Maryland Terrapins have dominated for years now. Men’s program has brought home twenty five regular season conference titles, four conference tournament crowns and eleven national championships. Women on the other hand have clinched both the regular season conference title and the conference tournament eight times each. They have also gone on to be crowned best in the country on eleven occasions.

Maryland Terrapins have set themselves up pretty well to make it to the next level as an athletics program. They have the talent and now it is all about fulfilling that potential. If they do that, then it won’t be too long before they are at the top of the mountain.


Did You Know?

  • Darryl Hill joined the Terrapins football team in 1962, making them the first ACC team to have a black player.
  • Their lacrosse program is the only one among all major colleges to never post a losing season.
  • Their women lacrosse program stands at the top spot on the list of teams that have won the most NCAA titles.
  • Six Terrapins players have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Their football program has gone through a total of twelve conference seasons undefeated.