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Donn Arden's long-running Jubilee! show is hunting fresh talent by holding auditions Monday, July 22, 2013. It has invited showgirls as well as the male and female singers and dancers to appear for the trials. Two performers of the show have already given a talk on Good Morning Las Vegas as to what is required from the contestants. The male singers and dancers must be six feet and taller while the female dancers, singers and showgirls must be 5'8" and above. Also, the singers must be able to perform ballad and up-tempo Broadway style while the dancers must be skilled in jazz and ballet.

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August, 1981


Donn Arden

Produced by Donn Arden, Jubilee! is one of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas. Premiered in August 1981, the burlesque show features the iconic Vegas showgirls whose costumes were originally designed by Bob Mackie and Pete Menefee. UNLV Special Collections has got several designs of the original costumes that are also accessible through the Showgirls' UNLV Digital Collections. Other than that, the show also retains some of its original sets including the sinking of Titanic.

Bally's Las Vegas

Bally's Las Vegas is home to the long-running resident show, Jubilee! Formerly known as the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, the hotel and casino is powered by the Caesars Entertainment. Although Bally's is an older hotel but it is nearly as flashy as the newer ones. From the outside, you might see a tired appearance of a once mighty hotel but on the inside, you will find a comfortable and reasonably priced resort. While the hotel itself is spacious and clean looking, the staff is friendly and accommodating; the employees are always willing to help you with all your needs. One of the highlights of the venue is the moving sidewalk that is lined with neon lighting. The walkway brings in guests from the Las Vegas Boulevard to the doorway of the casino. And there is always a good crowd outside Bally's during the night.

The Experience

The show features some amazing dancers who offer good lighthearted entertainment to the audience. The event is made to appeal men and women alike. Men are fascinated by the visually stunning showgirls while the women are mesmerized by the beauty and romance. If you watch the whole show from the front row seats, you will not hesitate to give it a well-deserved standing ovation. Musically, it is an excellent production featuring sexy showgirls and the feather galore. The feathered headwear and costumes of the showgirls date back to the old Vegas days. You can also have a picture taken with one of the showgirls usually before the show. Besides the long-legged slender showgirls, there are several singers, dancers and acrobats that enhance the overall look and feel of the show. All in all, the colors and costume designs on the stage are just fabulous. Since it's an adult show obviously, it is best if you watch it with that special someone. And with a variety of deals available for Jubilee! tickets, finding good seats won't be a problem as such.

Did you know?

  1. Jubilee! is the longest-running event on the Las Vegas Strip as of 2006.
  2. It is one of the first topless shows in Las Vegas.
  3. The Jubilee! show comprises of nine costume changes and seventeen set changes.  
  4. By working for almost twenty three years, Linda Green has set a record of the longest serving dancer of the Jubilee! show.
  5. Due to nudity and adult material, the audience members should be at least eighteen years old to watch the show.