Bolshoi Ballet Tickets

Lauded for its ‘unparalleled intensity and brilliance’, Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet is making its return to the theatre with the Giselle, one of the most romantic works in the classical canon. This visually striking ballet premiered in 1841 and since then has been popular with a number of generations, stretching its fan following worldwide. Giselle is a heart touching tale of forgiveness, betrayal, supernatural spirits and a love that transcends death. It features the award winning ballerina, Natalia Osipova, who was critically acclaimed for her performance and is determined to give another stunning performance.


Bolshoi Ballet (Giselle)

Production Company:

Ballet du Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique


Jules Perrot, Jean Coralli, and Marius Petipa

Giselle- Tale of Unconditional Love

Giselle is considered among the best romantic ballets of all times and has been reviewed by credible publications like Telegraph, in words “The Bolshoi’s Giselle proves a thing of great beauty...a stirring tale indeed”.

The show begins by introducing a nobleman named Albrecht wooing a simple young girl, Giselle. The innocent peasant girl unaware of his identity believes that Albrecht is a farmer named Loys. In reality he is already engaged to Bathilde, daughter of the Duke and before getting married seeks to have his last adventure. Giselle, ignorant of his intentions and despite of her mother’s warnings, cannot resist his charms. She falls in love with Albrecht and even agrees to marry him. She wishes to dance with the love of her life but ultimately finds out about his identity. From there onwards the story takes a turn and the audience is taken to the world of spirits. The heart touching tale evokes emotions and hooks the audiences till the last scene.

The ballet has been appreciated by the critics and spectators alike. Bolshoi Ballet’s Giselle has been called “a grand-scale production, with loads to admire”.

Moments that Steal the Show

Bolshoi Ballet will feature Natalia Osipova for the first time in the role of Giselle at the Royal Ballet this year. The talented artist is known for her ability to get into the character, incorporating even the minute details. Her enriched dialogue delivery laced with intensity further adds depth to the role. As a young peasant girl, she is painfully vulnerable and all her moves are evident of it. Even during light moments in the show, her discrete expressions of panic and fear make her personality clearer. The scene that unveils the truth to Giselle looks terrifyingly real and is loved by the audiences. Her skittish and unpredictable movements speak out her heart. The ballet has a number of such scenes that do not even allow a blink of an eye.

Giselle’s Choreography

Osipova’s performance will be complimented by the choreography of Marius Petipa. The artist has choreographed more than 60 well known ballets in his lifetime that hold an important position in the Russian Dance Repertoire. The list includes Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle and Raymonda.

The talented Boris Gruzin will hold the fort to conduct Bolshoi Ballet - Giselle this year. He is specialized in theory of music, piano playing, opera and symphony conducting and has been awarded with the title of People’s Artist of Russia and Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Giselle, The Ballet Experience

The Russian masterpiece, Giselle is a perfect presentation of the extraordinary talent and skills of the performers, melodious songs, dazzling costumes and amazing sets. Ballet fans especially those of classics have started buying Bolshoi Ballet tickets for the upcoming shows.


Did You Know

  • Natalia Osipova is Bolshoi Ballet’s youngest star ballerina.
  • The ballet was originally created for an Italian Ballerina, Carlotta Grisi, whose portrayal of ‘Giselle’ became a benchmark for future ballerinas trusted with the role.
  • Giselle is inspired from the poem ‘Fantomes’ by Victor Hugo. It’s about a girl who dies after an all-night ball.
  • The dancers are dressed in romantic tutus made of layers of tulle. In act 1 they wear peasant tutus and in act 2 being a part of the spiritual world are dressed in long white tutus.
  • The original composer of the ballet, Giselle was Adolph Adam.