Blue Man Group Tickets

Blue Man Group started as an off-Broadway production over two decades ago with three friends from New York setting out on producing a unique act – and a unique act they produced indeed. At present, it has successfully running productions in Boston, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Orlando. Moreover, the group also tours in other cities, in North America and outside U.S. Due to the show being popular among theatergoers of all kinds; never have a problem sweeping off the inventories clean.

Event: Blue Man Group

Notable Albums:

Audio (1999)

The Complex (2003)

How to Be a Megastar Live! (2008)


Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience

Audience Choice Award for Best Long-Running Show at Off Broadway Alliance Awards

You can't put Blue Man Group's act in one category; and this is something which people of all ages agree with. But they do agree that their shows are wild, outrageous, intense and exciting. These blue men have no language which makes them reach out to people of all languages, ages and cultures equally.
About Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is a joint venture of Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman which started off in 1987. The organization's productions are theater cum concert with percussion as the focus instrument and sound. The acts basically have experimental music, recorded music, comedy and multimedia.  All performances have a trio of three blue men which are supposed to be humanoid characters; wearing plain black dresses and blue makeup.

Wink, Goldman and Stanton formed this act as a tribute to the 80s with the group's popularity snowballing since the start. They have made a number of television and film appearances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Drew Carey Show, Scrubs, Arrested Development and Intel commercials. 
Theater Productions
Blue Man Group's current theatrical productions have set up at the Astor Palace Theatre in New York City, at the Charles Playhouse in Boston, at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago, at the Universal Orlando Resort (Blue Man Group Theatre) in Orlando and at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino (Blue Man Theatre) in Las Vegas. National tour began in 2010 and is currently underway with the group stopping for wooing people with their performances around the country.
Internationally, the group has productions in Germany and Norwegian Cruise Line. Previously Blue Man Group has also played in Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. The International Blue Man Theatrical Tour is also in progress.
The Blue Man Experience
A show of the Blue Man Group is so unique that it is an experience like nothing else. The show is all about ingenious comedy, a live band, original musical instruments and amazing multimedia theatrics. There is a general air of a euphoric party atmosphere and an audience interaction that lets them feel part of what is happening on stage. 
What's New in Blue Man Group?
There always is a margin of innovation in the act of Blue Man Group. The organization realizes it and hence has upgraded this live celebration of music, art and technology to something even more amazing. There is new music and performances. There's science, there's laughter, there's creativity. Apart from all the goodies the previous productions had, this new one has "Gi-Pads" and a vivacious new finale featuring a musical score – an original of the Blue Man Group.

Did you know?


  1. The feature film starring the three original blue men (Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink) was set to come out in 2011 but has not been released yet.
  2. A blue smudge is the only thing that the cast members give to audience members as autograph.
  3. The biggest verified fan of the Blue Man Group is Keith Rangel. He has attended every single show of the group since the beginning.  
  4. The Blue M&M joined the group in 2011.
  5.  The productions have different themes. These include science and technology, information overload, innocence and self-conscious.