The Ultimate Variety Show

The Ultimate Variety Show Tickets

After rocking Las Vegas for over a decade, V-The Ultimate Variety Show went to Dubai earlier in the year and repeated the trick there as well. This entertainment extravaganza is simply one of the most talked about productions on the circuit today. It has performing arts, stunts and a human band that combine to turn on the volume and raise the bar every time they step on to the stage. It is a captivating spectacle that has gone from strength to strength since its inception. The latest season of festivities is about to kick-off in Vegas and each and every performance is expected to be a complete sell-out affair yet again.

Event Name: V-The Ultimate Variety Show

Creator: David Saxe

Year of Inception: 2002

For the past eleven years, V-The Ultimate Variety Show has been regarded by many to be the number one entertainment show in Vegas. One on hand, there is a show which is one of the most breathtaking spectacles on the planet today and on the other hand is a city that is among the ranks of the most popular places on earth. It is a win-win combo that has played its part in turning the production into what it is today. Thousands have bought V-The Ultimate Variety Show tickets over the years to see what makes it so special and that will be the case this time around too as it gets ready to start its biggest season yet.

The Creator

Dave Saxe has always been a fan of putting on great shows. He first stepped into the world of entertainment during his childhood years. It all began with arranging instruments for different bands and helping with organization of different shows. Those years gave him invaluable experience of what it took to create a special production. It wasn’t long before he was producing his first show aged just seventeen. That started a career that has gone on to result in the creation of shows that have put him among the most famous producers in Les Vegas.

V-The Ultimate Variety Show Beginning

V-The Ultimate Variety Show is a dream that Saxe has had for a long time. He wanted to come up with a show that was different and unlike anything he himself had come up with ever before. He went to work and came up with V, a production that made its debut in the year 2002.  The arena that provided the stage for its opening act was none other than the famous Venetian.

It was a rip roaring success right from the start. It performed to sell-out crowds on a regular basis. The success then enabled the show to move to its own home, the V Theatre. That turned out to be a watershed moment which slingshot the production to new heights which turned it into the entertainment masterpiece it is today.

What it is offers

V-The Ultimate Variety Show is multiple shows all rolled into one brilliant spectacle. It has entertainment catering to people from all walks of life and of all ages. The cast changes but the level of mesmerizing performances doesn’t go down even in the slightest. Fans who buy V-The Ultimate Variety Show tickets to catch it live are treated to jaw dropping stunts, comedy acts, dances, magic and singing. In short, it is entertainment Las Vegas style but all in one show and under one roof. That is one of the biggest aspects that make V so special.

It is hosted by Wally Eastwood who is one of the most popular jugglers in the world today. He adds his own touch of comedy to the proceedings that makes it all the more worthwhile. So for anyone looking to add a little spice to their lives, the V experience is just what they need. It doesn’t get better than this when it come to variety shows.


Did You Know?

  • Wally Eastwood is the fastest juggler in the world.
  • When Dave Saxe put on stage his first ever production aged just seventeen, he became the youngest producer in Las Vegas history.
  • The trip to Dubai was the show’s first ever international tour.
  • Dave Saxe has over one hundred shows to his credit as a producer.
  • The Skating Aratas, the husband and wife skaters duo, perform unbelievable stunts on skates and on a very small space on the stage.  
  • The platform used by the Skating Aratas extends to the audience.